Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Someone Wants To Woo You!

Some years ago, there was an American musical act that,as like to say it, took the world by storm with their singles,"Girl You Know It's True", and "Blame It On The Rain". They sold seven million albums,and even managed to win a Grammy Award!

If you are old enough,you would know that I am talking about Milli Vanilli,the group discovered in Germany.

Trouble started, however, when a tape they were to use for a concert broke,and could not be fixed! Unbeknownest  to everybody, these fellows had lip synced their way to fame!They looked good in leather,but could not carry a tune! Sometimes,and many times, appearances can be deceptive!

And that is the point of this my roundabout story!

Up till now,after the series of sordid revelations arising from the many decisions of the various tribunals,and courts,it is obvious,that our votes have never counted in any election!

We have been taking part in some sort of political karaokee, or lip syncing.They have pantomimed in front of us,while pretending to be singing!

The politicians led us to believe that when we went out to queue in the sun,and allowed the sand flies to bite us, and persevered in the face of the overpowering body odour from the fellow who stood in front of us, that our votes truly counted!

What they have been doing,from all that we can see,and deduce, is similar to what the colonialists did to Africa when they partitioned it. The Africans were led to believe it was for their good,but in reality,the partitioning was for the economic good of the colonial power!

It is probably the reason why all the candidates are jostling to impress the various parties,and secure nomination,and not us,the supposed final arbiter. They know that the party with the best rigging infrastructure,and architecture,would win the day! It is the proverbial tail,wagging the dog again!  

From the delectibly delicious decisions of the various courts in the past six months,we can all conclude tha the People's Democratic Party, has the best rigging machinery in place. While they know how to rig,they lack the intelligence to make it invisible. It reminds me of the story of the Nigerian in the World's Book of Heroic Failures. During the colonial time, a messanger was sent to the bank with a cheque for £10.00. The fellow decided to be smart,and added more zeros, without altering the amount in words! 

On getting to the bank,the bank saw the idiotic error,and sent for his British boss,there was hell to pay!

When you try to cheat, no matter how careful you are, a sustained,meticulous, forensic examination,would reveal the tell tale signs of your malfeasance! 

I suspect that as the elections approach,we would find more politicians trying to catch our eye,and woo us. 

Please do not fall for them easily,flutter your eyes,look away as if bored,and  ask them to declare what they want to spoil you with. 

If they can only say the usual water,road,electricity, tell them,you have heard it before,and it was never done!

Let them give you specifics based on current revenue projections,and all the other economic parameters,and permutations, people like to wow us with. 

This would tell you if the fellow is interested in good governance,or the capture of national resource for himself,and his family!

That should be fun to see, because we have been spurned for too long!

As you do,


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