Friday, November 12, 2010

Iranian Weapons In Nigerian Hands,A Seredipitious Discovery,Or A Sleight Of Hand??

Has MEND found a partner to fulfilling it's aspirations
Serendipity is defined, as a propensity for making fortunate discoveries, while looking for something unrelated.

It is what comes to mind when one considers the ongoing drama surrounding the discovery of arms in thirteen containers at a port in Nigeria. I am positive that our security agencies were not alerted by their Iranian counterparts:suspicions were raised when the agent meant to clear the goods,started acting in a manner that raised red flags! 

Is it possible that other consignments have already made it through?

I say this because while the 
Bible says "with God,all things are possible",in Nigeria,the saying is "with money,all things are possible!

If you have enough money,and the will,and imagination, to match,you can do anything in Nigeria,provided you can pay!

There are three principal actors in the drama,the Nigerian government,the Iranian business men,and the nation of Israel.

What is manifestly incontrovertible,is that someone is lying. Another,is that a foreign nation played a part,we cannot hazard  a guess as to the level of complicity,but we all know that arms are not apples,or mangoes that you just put in a container,and send to another country. A government,or a powerful agent of government,would have overseen the export.

It is globally acknowledge that the Qod Force,a shadowy,but powerful elite organization in Iran has the resources,and the operatives to carry out this operation. They have been blamed for many unsavory acts in neighbouring Iraq.

They are highly trained,very resourceful,and deeply motivated by patriotic fervour!

Is it possible,that they have now set their sights on Nigeria,as a new sphere for Iranian hegemony? 

Is there something of strategic importance to them here? Something we do not know,or see? It may be,that they want to tip the balance in religious matters,or it could be that,like China,Iran is branching out,and it does not want to play fair. 

Or do they want to increase the price of crude oil globally by fomenting trouble here? Such a sharp rise in the price of oil would harm America's economic recovery irreversibly! 

Why waste billions on a frontal war,when you can achieve the same goal with a few well spent millions to fund an insurrection in a different,but pivotal country?

While Israel is claiming that the arms were actually meant for the West Bank,the Nigerian Department of  State Security Services, the SSS,is claiming  that Nigeria was the final destination.

In Iraq,the Qod force has been blamed for a lot of incidents. They have been used,successfully,by the government,to evade the numerous international sanctions. They own businesses,and have been credited with bypassing all the sanctions that could have prevented the country pursuing her nuclear ambition.

But all these are suppositions,what we would like to know, is,why are these weapons in Nigeria?

While we bicker,and quarrel with each other over an election that many know will not be fair,our nation might just find herself an unwilling,but very usable pawn in an international game of cat and mouse!


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