Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Duty Of Man

While I am not an authority on             
anything, I can hazard a guess on what I believe to be the duty of man

on earth, as in you,and I.

This is different from your relationship with God.

I believe we have a duty to leave this world a better place than we met it. The world is a never-ending project,it is a building that would never be complete, a book that would never be finished, a poem with no end! 

It depends on transient workmen to add a brick here,and fix a door there. We would never be able to build the world according to our plan,but we can ensure that the bit we get to do, is quality work that cannot be faulted.

We may not have the whole building plan,but the good that we do,fits perfectly into the master plan!

Some of the work we would do,would be to build from the foundations laid by others,while others may find that they need to remove poorly laid parts all together.

When we engage the world to the best of our ability,it does not matter what we are doing at that time, all we need to know is that we are doing a great job!

The greatest tragedy on the earth,is to have ability to make a difference,and deny it by doing nothing!

The inventions we enjoy today,and the freedoms we all cherish,were all built on the selflessness of others. When we see evil,and refuse to speak against it,we are in tacit support ,it is like building on an unjust,and faulty foundation. Whatever results from it,would not be fair to the generations to come.

As one surveys the world,one can see clearly where the line has been drawn;those who through pain,and conflict,still manage to show the way are on one side,and on the other,we have those who obscure the path,and sow darkness,and they seem to be many!

Open your eyes today,and see where you can make the difference!

Nigeria needs you!

Lead by fearless example, it is all we need to change the world!


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