Saturday, July 9, 2011


There is a belief among those who believe in vampires, that a silver bullet, or a stake to the heart, would kill a vampire! 

That is the origin of the silver bullet solution!

Nigeria now finds herself wrestling with a vampire of gargantuan proportions! 

It is the creation of three individuals, Ali Modu Sherrif, former governor of Borno, Danjuma Goje, former governor of Gombe, and Mallam Isa Yuguda, the current governor of Bauchi state! 

These individuals, seeking to distract the people from their failure to govern properly, used the Boko Haram group, as a kind of quasi narcotic to lull the people into calm submission!

In so doing, stilling any opposition that might arise from the privation suffered from the development vacuum, and deficit, their "misgovernance" had created!

They sought to legitimise their right to govern without being accountable to the people who had elected them: instead, they transformed themselves into agents of God! 

They clothed themselves in the garbs of the anointed servant of God, one who could not be questioned!

The whole fraud collapsed, when the very vehicle of their deceit, who were sincere in their own aspiration,Boko Haram, began to question these three individuals! 

That is the source of the vampire that now reigns supreme in Borno, Gombe, and Bauchi state!

There has been strident calls for an amnesty programme modelled after that used for the Niger Delta militants: it might work, but there is also the strong possibility of failure! 

Boko Haram is not composed of economic militants, they seek an Islamic hegemony across Northern Nigeria governed by the law of God: Sharia!

Eventually, I suspect, this would be extended to the rest of the country!

And, like they say, there lies the problem! Even the North that they seek this rule over, is not religiously monolithic! There are Christians, and animists, in large numbers today, indigenous to the region! 

So what is the solution? The solution is as simple as flicking a switch, but it would be difficult for our politicians to execute! 

It is the denial of a support catchment population for the group to operate! 

The history of the Americans in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, shows that as long as the local populace are in support of insurgents, there is nothing anyone can do to root them out! 

One way of rooting out the Boko Haram scourge, is to give the people a reason not to want them: sincere development, which is actually the original meaning of governance! 

For decades, successive governments have managed to go through the pantomime of development, without really doing anything! 

More money is voted, and spent, as security vote every year, and the security situation keeps worsening! The news on the street today, is that the Nigerian Police force is broke! 

As our annual budgets have risen to trillions, so has the poverty level in the land increased! 

There has not been a corresponding rise in the prosperity, or condition of our people! 

If government wants to get rid of Boko Haram in one year, then they need to bring real, sincere, measurable, and visible, development to the people!

When this is done, it does not matter whether the Boko Haramites are foreign nationals, or citizens: the local populace would reject, evict, and expose them!

This is because no one likes to jeopardise the good thing he has going!

Right now, all talk of amnesty, is tantamount to addressing the symptoms, and leaving the real cause of the disease alone! 

The government succeeded in addressing the issue of the militants in the Niger Delta region, by rewarding those who engaged in brigandage, without touching on the issues responsible for their acts! The region is still the way it was during the militancy, and new groups are springing up to take the place of those who have been rewarded! They have seen that it is a lucrative vocation, with the promise of millions of naira! 

Boko Haram, is a different kettle of fish! 

A religious dimension has been added, the only way the government can win this war, is to preach the gospel of development, and offer the people another god, one different from the Boko Haram's, that forbids western civilization! 

Let the government show the people the marvels, and benefits of western civilization: hospitals that cure diseases,schools that actually teach, roads that do not kill, drinking water that does not contain animal dung, and electricity that promotes productivity: in one year, Boko Haram would become the devil in the new Garden of Eden, and this time, no one would accept it's offering!

The Current Situation On Ground!

Looking for water in a dry river bed

This is a community's water source!

A School? Yes! A school! 

Drinking water!

Yes! Drinking water!
This is a class room!

Drinking Water!

The lengths, or is it depths,
our people have to go for water!

In addition, we need to enforce the secularity of our federation! Politicians should not be allowed to use state funds to support religious organizations!

Government should not been involved in religious affairs in any form: the two do not mix, and are in fact antithetical!

That is the only way we can prevent another violent religious group from holding us to ransom tomorrow!



  1. Bros you have hit the nail, i do not need add anything, Boko Haram is the result of government failure. Mike Ayeni

  2. The worth of a leader is known in time of crisis. GEJ is faced with Boko Haram and so far he hasn't got a clue on how to deal with it. If this militants were gainfully employed, we won't have this problem. Nice write up.