Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ayim Pius Ayim:How Long Can He Last?

He is a testament to the fact that in politics, a man cannot be discounted, until he is dead!

Some have castigated him for coming down from the exalted number three position he once occupied, to a "mere" Secretary to the Government! Talk about sour grapes!

The gentleman has one rare quality that would make him work well with Goodluck Jonathan, he is loyal! Some might even go as far as saying that, despite his humongous  girt, he is just a cuddly, affable, lap-dog! One with an avuncular nature!

There was a joke I heard a while back, that encapsulates this. Someone was trying to contrast the late Chuba Okadigbo, and Ayim. The fellow said with Okadigbo, if you tell him to jump, he would ask you :Why? With Anyim, if you ask him to jump, he would ask you "How high!

Perhaps it is this desire to have someone who is fully loyal, and "pissing out", that has enamored him to President Jonathan!

But Anyim should not celebrate just yet! He is from an ethnic group, whose politicians do not subscribe to "brand loyalty"

I would not be shocked, if tomorrow, some scandal is generated to remove him.

All we need to do, is look at the history of Nigerian politics in the last twelve years!

When the Senate presidency was zoned to the South East, all manner of intrigues were deployed to remove whoever  was there!

There was this belief, it seems, that removing the fellow would enhance the chances of other senators from the zone in becoming president of the senate.

Or how do we explain five senate presidents, in eight years!

If I were Anyim Pius Anyim, I would watch my back very well! There is a proverb in Igbo, that the Igbos do not have, or recognize, a king!

Right now, unless things change, Pius Anyim, is the highest ranking Igbo politician from the South East in government! A king!

I perceive the bulls eye on his back growing bigger, all in reflective neon paint!

That "common" position, is now in hot demand!

However, it would be nice, for a change, for the Igbos to prove me wrong! 


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