Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nigerians Are All Corrupt!

Corruption,means to destroy,to rupture,or break.It also means decomposition. These are all biological definitions of corruption.

When defined like this,we find that every area of human endeavour is prone to it. We are very quick to accuse people in government of corruption,but what we fail to realize,is that we are the foundation stones for the superstructure of corruption in our land.

In our own "small way",with our numerous "harmless" acts,we corrupt the land. Corruption,is like a virus.The more there is in a system,the sicker the system is.

How many times have you thrown something out of a moving car? Did you throw it into the dustbin? Where do you think that item of refuse went? Have you seen how plastic bottles,and polythene bags corrupt our drains? Each time you throw something out of a moving car,you are engaging in corruption!

When you enter a public place,where people queue to be served,and because you are in a hurry,perhaps your children are in the car,or you would soon need to pick your child from school in five minutes time;you ignore the people on the queue,and put on a bold face,and go to the front of the line to be attended to,you have just corrupted that line! You have engaged in corruption!

Or is it the fellow who has a digital electricity metre in his house,but decides to bye pass it with an illegal connection that enables him to enjoy free electricity,what do you think he is doing? He is corrupting the power grid. He is consuming what he has not paid for. He is actually a thief!

And any time you chose to drive in the wrong direction on a way street,you are engaging in corruption you are making the road unsafe for those who are using it legitimately.It is the same thing that happens when you do not park your car properly because you have gone to worship God. When traffic builds up because of you,or other road users are constrained,what do you think you are doing? Worshiping God,while harming men? Your sacrifice of worship cannot be truly acceptable to God. You cannot break the laws of men,in order to worship God! He that must approach equity must come with clean hands!  

A man who issues a dud cheque, is corrupting the business environment. He is undermining the trust necessary for the well being of business generally.

We seem to be very brilliant at finding ways to undermine the law,we even pride ourselves in being intelligent,and smart. A criminal,is anyone who breaks the law! It does not matter whether he has been caught,and prosecuted, as far as he has disregarded the laws that facilitate the civilized running of the state,that fellow,is an outlaw!

I have not even talked about drivers who use their bosses' vehicles to moonlight as taxi drivers,or parents who help their children to cheat in examinations.Neither have I mentioned people who cheat their employers out of a full day's work.

Corruption is all around us because we have developed the attitude of expecting to get something,for nothing,we are prone to corruption. Corruption is reaping where you have not sown,it is taking an advantage that has not been fairly gained,or conferred on one legitimately. It is using you skill,knowledge,beauty,and power,to gain an unfair advantage!

Every act of corruption,reduces the quality of life we all enjoy! It does not matter,whether there is an obvious person suffering some loss from the action;the truth is that because something was not done properly in the way it ought to have been,when it ought to have been,we all are the worse off for it.

It is a natural instinct that is at the basis for the primordial instinct of self-preservation. It is civilization,that moderates this tendency for corruption,and places on us the onus to work for the preservation of the system.

This is what some societies refer to as an open society. This is a place where all know their place,accept it,and legitimately work to improve themselves without harming the organism that sustains us all;society!

As I consider the points enumerated above,I see that I am truly corrupt too,and need to mend my ways. It is in doing so,that we can mend the system,and make Nigeria truly great!

Mr Tafa Balogun,the former Inspector General of Police
Corruption is not some foreign entity in another country called government,it is a living,walking,human being,who tries to get something,for nothing! And that description resembles many of us!


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