Monday, November 29, 2010

How The Next Elections Might Be Rigged

In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart, Eneke,the bird was asked why it flew without perching on a twig,it's response was that since men had learned to shoot without missing,it has also learned to fly without perching!

That simple allegory,encapsulates the struggle between good and evil! Another story is told of how when someone saw the Maxim Gun,the first machine gun ever made,in action,the fellow said the gun would make war obsolete. Has it?

Every time man innovates in a positive direction, the agents of chaos, plan a counter strategy to cancel out the new advantage.

One of the planks that the judges used in voiding the election of Olagunsoye Oyinlola,was that it was mathematically impossible for the number of people alleged to have voted at some polling stations to have done so! The judges held that it would have meant all the voters in one particular polling station voting in twenty seconds! 

We all know that this is scientifically impossible,even with the advances of electronic voting! The human body was not designed to move that fast!

I read in one of our newspapers today,an alarm raised by some politicians of the arms being stockpiled in Imo state. The intention,according to the (let me use a useless word that makes sense "alligators") is to scare voters from voting at all on election day!

The politician in question intends to mount armed men,dressed in police uniforms, on vehicles who would go round shooting into the air. While this is going on,the voters loyal to the trouble makers,would come out,identify themselves with a prearranged secret code, and be allowed to vote!

It sounds impossible, but plausible in Nigeria! I have seen,and heard worse in my time. What should be our response to this coup against us? We do not have guns, we do not have the resources to match theirs. 

I believe it is technology! People should use whatever means they have to record the intimidation,camera phones, camcorders etc. These should then be transmitted to the opposition candidates who are bound to challenge the outcome of such an election.

I can hear someone saying,"what if they see me? Hide,make sure they do not see you. And, I can assure you,whatever sacrifice you make,would go a long way to giving us the Nigeria of our dream.  

This country has been raped for too long,and we have all stood still,and watched. Each time she gave birth to an illegitimate child,we declined ownership, and parentage. I believe it is time the offspring of this nation,began to look like us!


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