Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Prosperity Of The Poor,And The Poverty Of The Rich!

Man in his natural state,is selfish! It is written into our DNA code.It is the blueprint for survival. Every organism on earth has only one mission: survival.

However,this self-centeredness, also carries within it a Trojan Horse! Selfishness,leads to the destruction of everyone! With the benefit of superior scientific knowledge,we now understand that no man is an island. 

We know,for example,that when factories pollute the environment in China through the release of Green House Gases,it affects the rest of the world through global warming,and ozone depletion.

In a similar vein,when one country closes her eyes to armed insurrection,and lawlessness in a neighbouring one,she is only sowing the seeds for instability at home.

More than ever before,the maxim "we swim together,and sink together" holds true. When Marshall Macluhan coined the phrase "Global Village" back then,no one truly understood it then,today we have an idea of what he meant.

But not all of society understands that mankind,is one complex organism composed of individuals!

Each day,I look around me,and I see wealth,ostentatious wealth. This is almost always juxtaposed with poverty:grating,gripping,grinding poverty!

The colocation of the two,usually highlights their great differences! And sometimes,it does not seem to bother the rich! 

They are content to live in opulent surroundings behind fortress-like walls,in the midst of abject ,acrid, arrant squalor! 

It is almost as if,wealth sentences the rich to live in the proverbial gilded cage.They are free,but they live behind bars! They are rich,but they go around in armour- plated vehicles,with tinted windows;they travel incognito,and no one even appreciates them! 

I would like to be truly rich one day, to the extent of not worrying about the cost of anything,but I sure would not like the restrictions. I would like to still walk the streets,and eat my roasted plantain,and peanuts.

The poor,on the other hand,sleep with their doors open,and travel on the backs of trucks,and even sleep outside at night because their rooms are too hot! If that is not ironic,nothing else would be!

The rich,and the poor,want the same thing;a good life. I am not saying that when a person works hard,he should not enjoy the fruits of years of toiling,sacrifice,and investment in knowledge.

I am not a communist! 

Instead,I am advocating that the rich should do all that lies in their power,to help the poor around them. The poverty of the poor,is the insecurity of the rich,and the comfort of the poor,is  peace of mind for the rich.

We need to redefine our priorities! I am not preaching anything new,it is already being advocated by eminent people like Bill Gates,and the Sage of Omaha ,Warren Buffet,the rich need to give part of their wealth to ease the crippling poverty in the land.

These men have understood that wealth is a sacred trust! It is not a to be used to satisfy every whimsical notion that catches a man's fancy,it is a divine assignment to make a difference!

We cannot wait for the government's poverty alleviation programmes. They are a ruse,and a smokescreen!

As long as there is poverty,there will be insecurity,as long as there is insecurity,your money counts for nothing when an hungry,and angry, man is, holding a gun to your head. At that moment, you would want to exchange your money,to save your life.

The rich should look at innovative ways of making a difference. Give scholarships to indigent children in your neighbourhood,build a computer centre for the youths in your area,sink a bore hole for the community.

Do something. Because each act of kindness from you,is a strong bar in your security,and your security,is worth more than all your money. In addition,no act of kindness,goes unnoticed by God,and the poor it serves.

If you do not give your money willingly,with joy,you may find yourself parting with it,by force,and then,you would not be in a position to negotiate,and no goodwill,and gratitude will accrue to you!

Let us strive to build a better society,we all deserve to live in one,both rich,and poor!


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