Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Tragic Exposure

There is a saying that if you live long enough, you will see what you have never seen before!

Some months ago, Senator Farouk Lawan, a serving Nigerian senator, had to endure the indignity of the police, and other people in authority, watch him stuffing money into his pockets, and when that was not enough, his cap!

Today, a female banker; someone’s wife, daughter, sister, mother, and friend: has had her perfectly ordered world come crashing down on her!

A disgruntled, and spurned, lover has posted naked pictures, possibly taken by only him, probably after having sex with the woman, online!

They are tragic! While we may judge her for her error of judgment, I find myself increasingly putting myself in the positions of those who love her, and are related to her! 

Her husband, children, siblings, parents, and close friends! Where do they go from here! 

A person is never born alone, neither does he die, or experience shame alone! There is always collateral damage!

How does her husband face the world!

Every whisper behind his back, will be construed by him, as concerning the misadventure of his wife!

Some will blame him, for pushing her into this situation, while others will see him as a victim!

Her children, if they are anywhere near their teenage years, will forever wish the ground would open up, and swallow them each time they see their friends! 

They will be afraid of going to school, to church/mosque, or to even venture out of their home, and walk down their street!

Her siblings would be hard pressed to understand how to handle the sordid episode!The shame is theirs too!

Judging from her age, her parents, if they are alive; would probably be in their early, or late sixties! 

They may even be pillars in one conservative congregation somewhere: one a retired professor, and the other, a retired nurse! 

Upright folks who have never committed a crime before, and value their name more than any other thing!

To them, this would amount to the ultimate act of betrayal!

Some people would be forgiven, if they think friends have nothing at stake in this scandal!

I bet we all have friends who think so highly of us, and have gone as far as staking their reputations, just to defend us in the past, and continue to be our friends!

These innocent people I have tried to bring to life are the real victims in this case! The woman, and her jilted lover,were beneficiaries, until they fell out!!

The man has shown the type of animal that he is; a very dangerous one! What his actions portray is that he could have poised her, if he had the opportunity! 

He has succeeded in destroying her professional and family life! He has denigrated her by posting in full public glare that which she holds most dear!

And sadly, there are no winners here! The jilted fellow may never find any meaningful relationships again! He will, as long as he resides within the same community, ever be labeled as mean, nasty, and vicious fellow, one not to be trusted!

The lesson we should learn from this sordid episode, is that not all things should be photographed! 

Not even between spouses! This is because a camera, or phone, could be stolen, or sent for repairs, and such compromising images, could leave one’s control forever!

I will not judge the woman! I believe she has been more than sufficiently punished already! 

What would be good; is to see her lover brought up on charges of producing, and distributing pornography, and any other related charges the law can come up with!

This is turning out to be a tragedy of wide-ranging proportions!

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