Saturday, November 20, 2010

It begins with me.

One constant with humans,is a strong desire to decline responsibility,or to exculpate oneself from responsibility for our actions! It is a very strong desire. It is a desire to escape punishment,including legitimate punishment.

When my daughter was three years old,she was fond of playing around the power extension cable.

It was scary.We did not live in a palatial mansion,so space was a premium.We did our best to hide the cable,but somehow,when you come to the living room,the young woman is merrily playing beside the extension cord.

She just seemed to gravitate towards it.

I was grooming her to obey me without my resorting to any form of physical coercion.(Read as beating, in Africa we are still allowed by the law to spank our children.That is why we do not have a lot of antisocial behaviour as they do in the UK!) 

So I would tell the little girl to avoid the cable,and the next minute she would be on it. 

One day I was really angry so I raised my voice at her,the girl looked at me with her cherub like,innocent face,and softly said in that voice that melts every first time father's heart, "Daddy I did not touch it,my leg touched it" I had to admire her wit,and quick thinking on her feet. I had to smile!

From a very early age,we learn,and perfect how to shift responsibility for actions.

We are even told in the Bible that Adam blamed his wife for the forbidden fruit he bit,chewed,and swallowed with his own mouth!

The wife must have digested it as well!

Nigerians are wonderful at appreciating people! We are wonderful!

We are always thanking God,and praying for people that we see doing something positive to change Nigeria. What we fail to recognize,is that that fellow is just giving us a challenge,and showing us the way forward.

That is why I have mentioned in this blog,and on Facebook,that I will always admire,and respect,Chief Gani Fawehinmi.

If Nigeria had ten people with his pugnacious determination to see justice,and rectitude prevail,even at  cost to his person, we would have become a better country.

He put his money,and personal safety, on the line to serve us all!

The elections are coming,what are you going to do about it? Are you going to register to vote,or not? Are you going to leave politics to the touts,and louts,as usual?

Please register to vote,take a step further,and find out what the candidates stand for. If possible,pose questions to them on Facebook,and any other fora you may have. Where do they stand on abortion,resource control,or any other issue you hold dear.

You may find that  the candidate who would best address your concerns,lost the election by one vote! The tragedy would be if you did not vote for her,or get your friends to do so.

The elections of next year are a watershed moment for Nigeria. We may be sold into slavery for sixteen years,or we could finally elect the messiah as president!

But it begins with you and I,registering to vote.

As you do,

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