Friday, November 26, 2010

How Far Can We Go Before We Break Nigeria?

If you ask an intelligent scientist,she would tell you that every material has a breaking point. This means that if you apply enough pressure on anything,it would buckle,and eventually break! 

Nigerians welcomed a new state governor today!

No election was held last week,none took place the year before,and he was not appointed.The last election in that state was three years ago! 

Today,Rauf Aregbesola, is just being sworn in after three years of convincing the courts,that he was the candidate validly elected!

I would be very happy to know if there is any other nation on earth,where litigants slug it out in court for three years!

What is curiouser still,is that the one whose election was invalidated by reason of fraud,the impostor,walks free.He goes home with the wealth of the state he has stolen,he goes free for kicking the people in the teeth. He is encouraged,and others too,to do the same next time!

Why should election disputes have an open-ended time frame? In more civilized climes,disputes are resolved before anyone is sworn in!

This is because they form part of the contest! It is unfair to give the prize to one when his victory is in dispute. It goes against the laws of natural justice,fair play,equity,and commonsense!

What we have observed is that when a man rigs an election under the current system, he thwarts every attempt to unseat him with the resources of the state! That should be a criminal offence!

The national assembly,in their wisdom (I believe, lack of it) decided not to amend the law regarding the resolution of disputes before candidates are sworn in!

They held this position simply because they were the beneficiaries of  flawed elections themselves.

I have contended time and again,that our proclivity for attempting to reinvent the wheel,smacks of absurd silliness,and absolute idiocy!

We cannot deviate from the path of commonsense, dance naked in public, and claim that we are inventing something new!

The world has a name for such behaviour: madness!

Commonsense is exactly what it is, sense that everyone has!

Nigeria did not invent democracy,so we cannot claim that we are "Nigerianising" it. We would only end up looking like North Korea,the nation that has the prefix of "People's Democratic" in her name,but is every other thing but democratic! The whole world laughs at them,they are one of the few nations on earth with a hereditary presidency,and where the people do not even get to choose their leader!

I wonder what absurdity Nigeria would find as her own moniker of shame!

A nation can only take so much,before it buckles. We have been warned by those who are in a position to know,that our fragile nation totters on the brink,and that an implosion is possible if we do not take care!

There is a popular saying in Nigeria that a man who has enemies,does not rug flammable liquids on his body while reclining near an open flame! His enemies could push him in!

In our own case, I am afraid we are swimming in petrol while smoking a cigarette! 

Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!

Every time we allow an election dispute to stray so far,we test the elasticity of our system. 

My fear is that one day,we may just reach her breaking point.

And that would truly be a sad day for us all! 

As we work to avert that day,


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