Monday, September 19, 2011


I have just watched a very grainy, but tragic, video of five young Nigerians raping a girl somewhere in Abia state university!

The girl, from her expression, seems to be in shock, and is just doing everything she can, to navigate through the nightmare! 

One can hear her saying clearly to the perverts, "Have I not tried? She is obviously in fear, and in a life-threatening situation!

Is this the next chapter in the chronicles of our nation's moral demise? 

We started our journey to moral oblivion with hired killings! Then we went on to ritual killings,kidnapping, militancy, and now the bus has pulled in to the gang rape terminal!

The sad thing I have come to observe about our long-suffering country, is that once an evil trend is introduced, it is never stamped out! 

It seems to take it's place in the hall of infamy, and become a part of our daily lives!

What could cause five supposed, human beings, who have obviously premeditated this rape, to do such a thing? 

There is no way anyone will convince me, that the victim deserves the treatment!

They brought condoms, and did not cover their faces! 

It points to one thing, they were not afraid, and they knew exactly what they were doing!

Some sick fellows would say the girl deserved what she got, but it only points to their own depravity! 

The bone of contention, leading to this criminal act, cannot be more than the girl refusing the overtures of one of the men, or that she behaves as if she is too superior! 

When the men are caught, we would find that it is one of the reasons they would give! 

I am waiting to see the outcome of this horror show. 

Will the Nigeria police behave true to type, and claim that they are working hard to bring the culprits to book, and then allow the case to die like others? 

Or are we, for a change, going to see justice done!

There is a great need to rewrite our laws where rape is concerned! 

The onus should not be on the victim to prove rape, the law should protect them! 

In addition, I would appeal to all those who have seen the video, or hear some chatter about the incident, to help the police arrest these monsters! 

My greatest fear from this incident, is that it would not start a new, and deadly trend in depravity! 

I have come to discover, that our people are good, at staring bad things, better at copying them, and best at refusing to unlearn them!

This girl's life has been violently altered for life! The physical scars might heal, but the emotional, and psychological ones would be more difficult! 

What would be her relationship with men, going forward? 

Would she be able to ever entrust her body to a man again?

Will she be able to find someone to marry her, after the shame of her ordeal?
That is why this abominable crime must not go unpunished,


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