Saturday, January 1, 2011

Troubling Times, Explosions Here and There: Statesmen Wanted!

When the bomb went off, I heard it clearly! It was not like a firecracker, it was a robust "boom! And that was all! It thundered without a lightning! It rained destruction! Unknown to me, because I was too far to see the carnage, it was not just a boom, it was  doom for many! Lives lost, limbs lamed: the lives of many once anonymous, but now synonymous with the evil creeping boldly across our land!

Innocence has been taken away from us, peace perished! And we are helpless to help! How did we get here? How did we arrive at such a decay?

How can we willfully give up peace for violence? How can we wage war on innocents! It happened in Jos last week, yesterday was the turn of Abuja! So who is next in line? Where would they choose to target next?

It is inconceivable, that people claiming to be fighting for freedom, are killing innocent people! It is anachronistic, that people who claim piety, as their raison d' etre, would now take the lives of innocent people! No God would sanction that! No, no God would!

If that is what you believe God sent you to do, then you are serving the wrong God! God would never destroy the innocent works of his hands! People who had committed no crimes! People who were peacefully minding their business! 

Nigeria demands leadership right now, strong leadership! We have been looking at the horizon to see when it would appear, but all we see, are politicians! People who live for only what is expedient, and convenient for themselves! The nation, can go to hell, as long as their mandate is protected!

Ambitions will come, and ambitions will go! Politicians will rise, like the ones before them, and they will fade too! 

But one thing never fades!The judgement of history!  

Our leaders should show they love this country by putting aside the rhetorics of politics, and speaking to the heart of the issue! They should discard the togas of politicians, and wear the noble robes of statesmen! Because our nation needs statesmen now, and statesmen are not ordinary, because they do extraordinary things! 
Great things for their nations, and not for themselves!

Will Goodluck Jonathan Ebele Azikiwe please stand up to be counted!

Will Goodluck Jonathan Ebele Azikiwe please do something for Nigeria today?


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