Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Open Season Of Silliness!

It is that time again, after four years. The worst scripted dramas are running in the different political parties. They lack substance, and there are not too many surprises. One thing we can thank God for, is that there are subplots that ease the ennui.

The parties are selecting their "flag bearers" for the general elections. And things are looking good! At least 84 People's Democratic Party,PDP senators, are not coming back, at least on the platform of the PDP. While I have very little regard for them, I feel for our democratic "misadventure? When greed drives a political process, this is what happens.There is a high turnover!

What this means, first of all, is that we are likely to have eighty four green lawmakers in the next senate. With 109 members, the Senate is set for wholesale change. Let us hope the people coming, are not worse.

They would need to be trained all over again, and they would need to establish new threads of lawmaking, we are definitely back to our routine "One step forward, two steps backward!

The PDP is also holding it's convention this week, and things have been more of an anticlimax, than the crescendo we were expecting. Atiku is still accusing Jonathan of pinching him, and Jonathan is accusing Atiku of winking at him!

They have not given us cause to hope.

Yes, one of them would win, and Nigeria would loose! The PDP is not the messiah Nigeria is waiting for, it is the country's executioner, and undertaker! It has presided over the worst period of national decline in the history of this country. The country as an entity has made a lot of money from rising crude oil prices, but poverty has somehow increased! 

It is hard to believe that all we have had, and heard from the PDP, are mere words! Just empty hollow platitudes! 

The taps are still dry, the roads pot-holed, and our fridges (and stomachs) are empty! 

But each year, to our collective consternation, the national budget increases! God de!(There is God somewhere !)

In closing, I would like to share part of the ongoing silliness with you. The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps has just graduated fifteen dogs it intends to use for the PDP primaries. One of the dogs  is even reputed to be a general in rank, and is also fifteen years old. I suspect that the dogs are probably wiser, have better plans for Nigeria, and are more articulate, than some of the politicians we are going to be seeing over the next few weeks!

Please register to vote, your vote might eventually count when the various tribunals order recounts,that is when the real elections would hold: in court! 

Then the votes of the Mike Tysons of this world would be expunged from the election!

Lastly, you are aware that bombers have arrived our shores, so certain ground rules are important!

Be smart, open your eyes. Stay alive. If you see any suspicious bag,or package anywhere, do not touch it, and alert the police. There are too many evil people out there, and they do not mean well!


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