Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Senseless Forced Closure Of Primary And Secondary Schools In Nigeria.

When some people want to argue for the merit of Jonathan's presidency, they point to  the fact that he holds a doctorate degree! It is true, the man has a doctorate,but he has shown a phenomenally abysmal regard for education in this country!

The possession of any type of degree, is no guarantee, that a fellow is intelligent! A degree just means the fulfillment of certain conditions necessary for it's award, sometimes, people even cheat their way to one. That is why having one does not confer automatic wisdom,omniscience,or intelligence! Wisdom is the ability to apply what you have acquired in school to real life situations, in an intelligent fashion.

Not too long ago, his government decided to scrap monotechnics, and special universities.This was a reversal of more than twenty years of carefully thought out policy. We spent money implementing the policy in the past, and now, for reasons which have not been explained to us,probably because there are none, things have to change!

His latest faux pas is the one month forced closure of schools in the country.

The obvious questions is, if the closure is for the registration exercise, why did the government not use the long vacation that is just coming to an end? Or did the government not know that it would register voters. I can here the Jonathanistas (The inveterate dyed-in-wool supporters of the man) saying, the president does not run the Independent National Electoral Commission,INEC. If he does not run INEC, why is he taking such a fundamentally disruptive decision to help them?

The closure has also been extended to private educational institutions! I thought the notion of being private is that the government does not own,or interfere with the running of these schools, except with the view to making sure that standards are not compromised! I know that no private school would allow the Independent National Electoral Commission,INEC to use her facilities for the exercise.

Does the government realize how much economic damage this would cause to the interests of the owners of these schools, and to suppliers of things like foodstuff,and other perishable goods to these institutions?The policy was announced less than three days to the commencement of the new school term. I am sure no compensation would be paid for losses incurred. Proprietors of schools would pay salaries to teachers who would not have worked for the period, this is in addition to the normal losses our inefficient system engenders.

As usual, I am sure the government spokesman, Ima Niboro, would come out and say the president did not take the decision, and that it was "a purely administrative,and internal affair of the education ministry" But let me ask a stupid question, who heads the government of which the education ministry is a part ?Does it mean that Jonathan does not run this government, and that he does not know what some people are doing on the other side of this humongous mound of pounded yam called the PDP government ? That is a very spurious,lame,and disingenuous, excuse. Like President Harry Truman said "The buck stops right here! 

Government has shown a lack of intelligence, and scant thought, in dealing with many issues confronting us. We seem to wallow in the morass of knee-jerk reactions in solving this country's problems. Each new decision spawns new problems, and hardship, for the innocent helpless citizenry. It is as if no one in government is thinking at all! 

Nigeria seems to think that it exists in a separate dimension from the rest of the world. We dream up hare-brained, gobbledegook, schemes that,in more civilized places would cause governments to suffer votes of no confidence!

But over here, things are different, it seems the more bizarre an action is, the more the government is likely to embrace it. 

Nigeria needs help finding her way out of the woods. The current guides are over the legal limit allowed!  And they are cross-eyed, and colour blind!

We need help fast, and the ballot box does not promise any relief!


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