Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jos:The Consequence Of No Consequence:Genocide!

I have just been informed by a friend, that people are fighting in Jos, Plateau state Nigeria, again! It is becoming like a broken record, and I am afraid that we are becoming desensitized to the mindless killing!

The killing has reached a level where it does not matter who is right anymore! Only one party is at fault, the government!

Everything we are now seeing in Jos, is genocide! It is becoming ethnic cleansing, terrorism and pure brigandage!

Our minders in Abuja, have offered very little, by way of leadership! 

Asleep at the helm of the ship of state, they are safe, and secure, in the knowledge that the violence would never touch them!

But it is a false hope! The killing of the All Nigeria People's Party's gubernatorial candidate in Borno State, along with the brother of the current governor, is proof that we are all at the mercy of these evil people! 

The Boko Haram sect, which is suspected of the killings, has declared it's intention to kill the governor himself! They have declared a fatwah,an Islamic death sentence, to be carried out by all true believers on him!  

The helpless people of Jos, from the time this crisis began, have claimed that very powerful individuals in government, and outside it, were complicit in the violence! 

No one listened to them, they were ordinary folks! But last week, a serving anti riot mobile policeman, was arrested in Barkin Ladi,Plateau state. This was just the latest in a long thread of evidence confirming their claims! 

In the past, people had been killed within a kilometer of soldiers meant to be keeping the peace. Some of the survivors claimed that they had seen soldiers participating in the killings!

The mindless bloodshed in Jos, continues today, because the perpetrators of the violence have not been visited with the consequence their lawlessness deserves!

Those charged with upholding the law, are negligent, and culpable by their inaction!

The violence in Jos, is gradually defining the presidency of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan! If he was taken by surprise the first time it happened, what is his excuse for the twentieth time in six months?

It is now a case of one week, one incident!

The duty of government is the maintenance of law and order; to govern, and prevent anarchy and chaos! This government seems to have abdicated this responsibility, or it is not even aware of it's duty!

Nigeria is in need of serious sincere leadership, it is also in need of proactive leadership, right now, those two qualities are alien to our national landscape!   

I usually do not advocate prayers as solution for problems that are within the purview of men to solve; right now, I am inclined to change my mind: let us say a prayer for Jos! 

The people who should have the solution, are twiddling their thumbs, and and fiddling, as Jos burns!

Please pray for Jos, please pray for Nigeria, our only help lies with God!


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