Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How To Make Nigeria Great!

"Often times, social media activists do not define the goals of their movements appropriately. Many Facebook pages for instance are organised around the idea of gathering people online and sharing links and information with them. While this is perfectly valid if the goal is solely to equip people with information, if the goal is to organise people to act in the real world, creating a Facebook page is often not sufficient. It should be viewed instead as the first step to getting people to act. For instance, if the goal is to solve a given national problem, then sharing links, comments and opinions online is merely a first step. At some point a face to face meet-up should be set up where concrete actions and project plans can be drawn out and discussed for implementation. Afterwards, subsequent follow up meet-ups should be organised until the goal is achieved" Nmachi Jidenma

Great nations are born, and borne, on the decisions of ordinary people!
The civil rights movement in America received a spark from the defiant decision of Rosa Parks, a harmless woman.

Indians were awakened to their potential as a great nation by the pacific stance of Mohandas Gandhi!

The ongoing Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, was sparked by an act of self-immolation (setting oneself on fire) by a twenty six year old, Mohammed Bouazizi. 

He had become fed up with the status quo, and sought the most vehement, and symbolic way, to express his dissatisfaction! 

Of the three examples cited above, two things are common.

Firstly, act of individual defiance, galvanized a whole nation. 

Secondly, the initiators did not necessarily set out to benefit in any way from their acts of defiance! They believed they were just doing the right thing.

Rosa Parks changed a nation, Mohandas Gandhi gave birth to one, and Mohammed Bouazizi, freed one!

Nigeria, as at today, needs all three! 

We need change, we need to be born anew, and we need to be freed from our internal colonizers! 

We have talked about Nigeria for so long, that if talk alone could change a nation, ours would be an El Dorado, and Shangri-La, rolled into one!

We have formed groups, and established pages to promote change in cyberspace, all that is good, but remains a declaration of intent, and not a practical step for change!

Tunisia is showing Nigeria, and the rest of the world, that people power still works! 

Our first step in ensuring change, is to register to vote. There are many obstacles in our path right now, but with patience, we can all register! 

The next line of action would be to identify candidates that can bring the change we need, not the change we want!

The last link in the chain, is to defend our collective choice at the elections! 

Nigeria has underperformed for two long, our nation is so backward, that it is in the same class,in school, with the great grand children of her contemporaries! 

We deserve better!
Let us move Nigeria forward!


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