Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Registration Of Voters:A Tragedy In The Making!

I have said in many places, and at different times, that it is in the afternoon you look for a black goat! 

You do not wait until night time, when everywhere is dark, before you begin your search. That is why I am raising this alarm now!

I am angry! Virulently angry! I have spent more than four days trying to register! I have refused to be discouraged, but I can imagine that there are many who have given up already! Last night, some fellows in my estate containing one thousand houses, went to the registration point at midnight to begin to collate the names of those who intend to register. In so doing, they upturned the previous list we had all written our names on the day before.

It is an indication of the desperation, and desire of the people!

This desire, however, is not matched by the Independent national Electoral Commission,INEC, their staff, and the equipment on offer!

From what I can see on ground,INEC seems to be clueless! 

As at midday, today, they had only registered twenty four people.It was the same thing the day before, and the same thing on Sunday! It is looking like they may not register more than fifty everyday! 

If we have one thousand houses in my estate, and there are just three people in each house, which equals three thousand people, it means that it would take two months to register all those eligible to vote in my estate alone!

And you and I know that, in Africa, our families are usually larger than just three!

I am wondering at the chaos going on in high density areas. I hope it would not get to a point where people would be paying money to be registered! Already, some fellows are selling their places on the queue in some communities for two hundred naira.

It is tragic that, considering the billions of naira spent on this exercise, we are only reaping pain and anguish at the moment. I am beginning to think that we have been sold a re herring! The equipment being used for the exercise do not seem to be purpose manufactured for such an exercise. It is a simple configuration involving an external hard drive, a battery pack, a lap top, and a web cam! This is radically different from the data capture machines used during the national id card debacle!

We have been told by J E G A (J onathan E bele G oodluck A zikiwe) that nothing good comes easy. What we are now seeing, is that what is supposed to be easy, is not good at all!

As we watch, and hope,


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