Sunday, January 2, 2011

Options For A Head Transplant!

Queer things are happening!  Not too long ago, I believe it was in Italy, the world witnessed it's first face transplant! It was hailed as a marvel, and an historic event. As far as I am concerned, we have been changing heads for many years, and we did not even know it!

Every time a woman agrees to marry a man, under the Christian Faith, she is acquiring a new head! The Bible says the head of the woman, is man, while the head of a man is Christ! So you see, many people have been transplanting heads for a long time! 

Anytime a lady comes to me, and says she wants to marry, I usually ask her to ask herself this question, "will I become a better person after marrying this man? You see, marriage to a man, is like a head transplant! If you were seeing with two eyes before, make sure the new head you are getting, is not blind in one eye! It would be tragic to throw away a perfectly good head, for one that is sick!

Nations too, also change heads! And they are very careful when they do, and who they allow to head them! 

No where else in the world is this more apparent than in the United States of America! The Americans understand the fact that the position of the presidency, is a very serious one! They subject potential candidates for this office to the strictest of scrutiny anywhere on earth! It is almost as if it is easier to go to heaven, than to become an American president!

They go as far as checking what primary school the person attended, who were his friends, did he steal his neighbour's lunch! Some would wonder, of what significance, is this seemingly insane examination? The importance, is the office! They cannot afford to have the wrong candidate become president of America!

During the last election, the current president's campaign almost ended over the utterances of the man who was the pastor of his church! It was not Barrack Obama that uttered the terrible things, but because of his association, some wanted to impute vicarious responsibility!  

So that is why I view with grave concern, our reduction of the race between those who seek to become Nigeria's next president, to something even less serious than a beauty pageant!(I know at some beauty pageants, participants are examined with tasking, and taxing questions!)

What we have reduced our exalted office to is "He is from the North, it is the turn of the North to rule! And "He is from the South,no one has ruled from that part of the South before!

I find this insane, and excessively ridiculous!

If you are in a plane, in extreme turbulence over the Atlantic ocean, you do not begin to pray that the pilot should be your kinsman! 

No! You pray, and hope, that the pilot knows his job! You do not want that pilot to be a trainee,or a learner! In fact, his religious inclinations are of no consequence to you!

All you want, is that the fellow should not drop you in the drink!

We are about to hand the keys of our nation's destiny to someone, and we have reduced the qualifications for that office, to place of origin,religion: and the myriad of superfluous,extrinsic, and inane qualities!

Are we normal at all? Do we know what we are doing? Are we serious at all?

The complexities of governance is such that we cannot afford to have a person who would begin to learn on the job! His mistake would cost lives, and many people have been dying in Nigeria recently!

So as we approach the elections of this year, are we going to throw away our perfectly functional heads, for one that is empty, are we going to deliver our nation into the hands of a quack?

God forbid! We know much better than to do that! 

Our children will never forgive us, if we do!


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  1. Always very interesting,always pertinent, and always very concise!! Thank you Julius........