Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Letter To The Animals In Jos, Nigeria.

My dear despised(not beloved) animals in Jos! It is with a very sad,and heavy, heart that I write this letter to you. I am impelled to by the fact that you have grown more brazen by the day,in your attacks on innocent human beings! 

Plateau State used to be called "Plateau the beautiful, the home of peace and tourism! Now it is "Plateau the horrible, the home of pain and terror! 

You have turned our beloved city into a cauldron of nightmares! 

For those of us who do not come from Jos, but have always harboured a secret desire to one day settle in the peaceful,serene,and clement Jos, you have shattered that dream, and made it an illusion. 

We now drive through Jos in fear, each time we visit. We are afraid that someone would snuff out our lives, just because the way we serve our God, is different from the way they serve theirs!

Two incidents recounted to me this week, have convinced me that the animals of Jos need to deliver the city to the humans who live there! 

Enough is enough! This madness must end!

I was told that a team from a federal agency visited a mosque to distribute relief materials, while there, the chief Imam told them, because there were Christians among them, that he could not guarantee their safety in the mosque, the house of God! 

They had to be spirited away through the back gate of the mosque! 

A few days after this incident, the staff of the same agency were informed that Christians were coming to kill the Moslems working there. This is because the agency is located in a "Christian" part of Jos! 

When did we become beastly, that we would attack people we do not know, and have no quarrel with before, just because of their religion? We have turned Jos to Kosovo, Munster,and Pristina, the killing fields of the Balkan war! This is Nigeria, my beautiful Nigeria, and only humans are allowed here!

It is only rabid animals, too weak to hunt agile prey, that become man eaters!

To the animals in Jos, I have one suggestion for you, whether you call on Jesus, or call on Prophet Mohammed, SAS, you need to get in touch with yourselves, and arrange for a grand showdown, far from the metropolis where humans live. 

Preferably, choose one of the many lush plateaus to stage you final act of combat. If you do this, I would respect you. I would because when animals kill each other, it is not a crime, it is predation, but when they kill people, it becomes a crime, and such animals need to be put down!

Nigerians already suffer enough as it is, it is criminal to now lade them with a conflict not of their making.

To those who fund, and profit from this senseless killings, you who refuse to send your own children to die, your children will die in the far flung places you have taken them to.

Whatever a man sows, that shall he reap, you have killed the children of others, evil will never leave your homes, evil will be the sun that shines upon you, and the rain that waters you; even the ground you walk on,will be evil! Evil will go before you, and support you from behind. 

When you sow anything, you will reap evil, when you sleep, you will dream of evil!

Because you have killed the innocents, and made widows of wives, widowers of husbands, and orphans of children, may the evil you have visited on Plateau state consume you, and wipe out your generation from the earth!

To the authorities who seem to be vacillating, and twiddling their thumbs, please end this nightmare! If people are dying in peace time like this, may we never have a national crisis. It means we would be worse than Rwanda, and Burundi!  

If you love this nation,Nigeria, speak out against this evil. It must end now!

Please do,


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