Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did we invent it?

A lot of times I hear the phrase 'home grown democracy' and I wonder what the people saying it mean. Do they mean it in the sense that we have invented democracy, something that has never existed before anywhere on earth, and are nurturing it until maturity? Because the other phrase that you hear is 'nascent democracy'. Are they saying that democracy has not grown anywhere in the world to maturity, so we do not know the full dynamics of this wonderful  new thing called democracy. The people who usually peddle these lies are those who want us to expect less from our leaders, they seek to excuse their incompetence, and capacity for mischief.
There is no such thing as' home grown democracy'! It is almost like saying 'home grown sunshine' or' home grown water' Sunshine is sunshine  everywhere and water is water anywhere you see it. No water is special. In fact the qualities of water are colourless, odourless, and tasteless. Any water that falls short of these universally accepted parameters is not pure water, but an abberation, and an anachronism!
So when they say it is home grown democracy,are they referring to elections  brazenly rigged,as it happened in Edo state where in a constituency of forty five thousand registered voters PDP polled sixty thousand votes, and in an election conducted by INEC the stamps of NEC and FEDECO, the previous election bodies, were used to stamp supposedly valid ballots for the PDP. Is it home grown democracy for our leaders to be busy making laws that take care of only their special interests and comforts, this is not home grown democracy, it is not democracy at all. We know what true democracy is! We see it at work everyday all over the world.
When they say we must not 'heat up the polity' what they mean is that you should not question their actions ,or intentions. Meanwhile, this is exactly what the doctor orderd for the polity to get better. The only people who are afraid of the spotlight are those who have something to hide. They believe that our asking questions would lead to their exposure, and ultimately, their downfall.
Is it a bad thing if they fall from grace as a result of their malfeasance, or misconduct? I  believe it is perfectly wonderful. So go ahead my friends, ask them difficult questions, probe their motives, and double check and fact check their claims. Nigeria belongs to us all.GOD BLESS NIGERIA FOREVER!

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