Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodluck Nigeria !

Can we dare to hope for good luck in Goodluck. He is an unexpected opportunity for this country to move forward. The way things are aligned now, the potential is there, but the effort to actualise it would be herculean.

We finally have someone who is not aligned to any of the problematic major ethnic groups. One would then expect that, because of the fear that he would be accused of addressing only his minority ethnic group, he would overdo himself  in catering for all groups in the country.

The hawks who have run things up to this point are licking their bruises right now because their man is no longer in power. It is not a capitulation, or abdication, by Yar'Adua; the decision was taken out of his hands.He did not want to go, he was shoved aside.One would expect a continuity of policies but I suspect that many attempts are going to be made in the next three months if Yar'Adua does not get well, to discredit Goodluck Jonathan. People are going to concoct all manner of stories to smear him, and possibly pave the way for impeachment proceedings.

They have failed in preventing Goodluck Jonathan from becoming acting President, the fall back plan would be to remove him completely and pave the way for the emergence of an Hausa president.

This is the next battle I believe we are going to fight, the battle to keep Goodluck in power and prevent an illegality. Goodluck to Nigeria and GOD BLESS NIGERIA FOREVER!

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