Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nero Fiddles While Rome Burns

The Borno state House of Assembly has just passed a law.These are the details of the new law: the outgoing governor and his deputy, when they leave office would be given vehicles, and a house each in addition to free medical care for them, their wives and children, for the rest of their lives.In addition, they would be entitled to an all expense paid holiday anywhere in the world every year.

Not too long ago, the House of Representatives in Abuja introduced for consideration a bill to ban, and punish cruelty to animals.

A committee  in the  same legislature is  considering a bill to increase how how much is appropriated for the upkeep of past leaders of the country from two hundred and fifty million naira a year to two billion naira. 

You may wonder where all this is leading to, Borno state has had many governors in the past, how much do you think this new law would drain from the state's resources? Is there no better thing to do with government resources? Could this money not have been used to build hospitals, or schools for the state?

When people heard of the cruelty to animal law being proposed one commentator said they should consider passing laws to address the cruelty Nigerians are suffering right now. This same house has not been able to pass the Freedom of Information law in more than eight years.

Labour has been asking for a living wage for Nigerians for more than three years now, yet the house is proposing an atrocious increase in how much would be spent to keep those who maladministered and misruled this nation in more undeserved comfort.

Nigeria belongs to all of us, we need to stand up and fight for her survival because those who are governing her right now do not have a clue on what is good for her These people are like the Roman Emperor,Nero, who fiddled as Rome went up in smoke.

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