Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eureka !

Some may see it as no victory at all, but the National Assembly's decision to pass a resolution appointing Goodluck Jonathan as acting president is a landmark victory for all those who love Nigeria. We we need to do now is to consolidate this victory.

There are so many issues waiting to be solved. What we have just seen is people power at work. Even God respects people power, because he created it. It is an eternal principle that when people come together and set their mind on a course of action, if they persevere, they would usually succeed.

The Peoples Democratic Party wanted us to believe,and accept, that the constitution of the PDP was superior to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. That can not be so, it is like the tail attempting to wag the dog.

They looked for different ways to dodge doing the right thing, they stalled, they went into denial, they declined jurisdictional responsibility, all in a bid to perpetrate and perpetuate an illegality. It was because we kept at it and refused to give up that the right thing has now been done. A few individuals are not greater than this country.

We now need to set our hearts on a wholesale reform of how politics is played in Nigeria. Money politics, and politics of violence and thuggery, should be confronted by all those who love this country to salvage Nigeria for our children.

How many of us remember what happened in Pakistan when General Pavez Musharraf suspended the Chief Judge of the country on  frivolous and unconstitutional grounds, the lawyers in that country took to the streets until the fellow was reinstated. It took a long time in coming, and it was in another government, but they persevered, and won.

This country needs new leaders like Gani Fawehinmi, people who would not be afraid of the pain and suffering that is certain to accompany them but who, for the good of all, would grit their teeth and say it is worth it if it makes Nigeria a better society.

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