Monday, February 8, 2010

My Friend's Mother

She had lived in Jos for more than forty years,all her children had been born in Jos.Though a Muslim, all her children went to a Christian school in Jos, Hillcrest. The only life her family knew was in Jos, and the only place they called home ,was Jos. Originally from Ilorin, she had refused to go back to Ilorin after retirement. Jos was the only life she knew. That was until the last madness in the city.

This lovely woman whose children had all grown up, and left the home, was a mother to many.She regularly paid the school fees of many of the many indigent children in the area, in addition she fed many who had no food.

What was her crime, she was a Muslim living among Christians. When she called her daughter on that day to say they were coming to destroy her house, her daughter was so confident that she would be spared.
The next hour she called that soldiers had come to rescue her, another one hour passed and she called to say they had started breaking down her fence, not too long after she called to say her house was being ransacked, and finally she informed us that it had been torched.

The frustration for us was that we were helpless to help, and anxious over her. Her children's memories of growing up were locked in that house, and with it's destruction all that they had to hold on too were memories, the memorabilia were gone.

She had escaped to another neighbourhood that was not too safe, and the next goal was to spirit her out of the place. As her daughter was calling some of the young men that she knew in the area, it was evident from their reactions that they were part of the ungodly and wicked destruction going on.

I called my friends in Jos and begged them to help this sweet woman, one of them told me there was no way her home could be destroyed because she live in a christian community, when I told the fellow that she was a Muslim, the fellow said no wonder her home was destroyed.

When did we become like this? When did we drop below the level of accepted, and acceptable, depravity?
It is common knowledge, in every culture across the globe, that you protect the alien, or stranger, in your midst. Have we become a new specie of low lifers who do not have any moral scruples? Have we reinvented a new level of wickedness?

This lady's crime was that she was a Muslim living among Christians. When did God give us the mandate to fight for him?
Or could it be that this crisis is an excuse for ethnic cleansing?
Right now I really do not feel to good about  the things happening in Plateau, the not so beautiful.

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  1. This is so sad. No wonder the Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked.