Friday, February 5, 2010

Only You Can Change Nigeria

You must be laughing at the title of this blog, but it is true. You may even argue that a tree does not make a forest, but you are not a forest, neither are you a tree. Instead of all these, I prefer to see you as a seed. You are a potential for change, and a witness to a greater tomorrow.
All you need to do is to constantly refuse to do things the way they expect you to:the Nigerian way.
What is the current Nigerian way? It is contract inflation,African time, dishonesty, impatience,unruly behaviour in public places and all the other vices too numerous to mention.
The system does not encourage one to be upright. Those who are leading us are giving us all the wrong signals; they say if you are elected to an office in government, or you are given an appointment: that it is a time for you to chop. No it is not, I disagree, it is a time to serve the people. It is an abberation today to find an elected councillor who does not have a palatial mansion for a home. If he does not build a big house within three months of his election, his own people will be the ones asking if he is well.
You can make a change, do not join those who encourage others to loot the treasury, it is our commonwealth.The more politicians take out of it for themselves, the less there is for the rest of us.
Let us imbibe a culture of patience.We are the most impatient people I have ever seen,yet we are woeful when it comes to keeping to time.We reward those who are impatient by serving them first instead of censuring them,and asking them to wait for their turn. We reward those who come late to events by waiting for them to come,the right thing to do is to start whether they are there or not. If they miss the event today maybe they will come on time tomorrow. In your own small and special way, change Nigeria. Keep to time and be patient, do not admire thieves who have stolen from you because they are in government: what they deserve is condemnation.
If you find yourself in government it is not an opportunity for you to be rich, it is one for you to enrich the people.The truth is that it takes one person at a time to change a nation, as each one changed encourages the other to change, the nation, eventually changes as a result of the overwhelming tide.
We should not expect Americans to come and change our nation for us, this in not their nation, they have no stake here, ultimately the change that we need must come from us, one at a time.

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