Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nigeria is worth struggling for

The only thing we ignore is what is useless ,and of no value. Is it possible that Nigeria has a little value right right now?
Is it possible that you have a little faith in her ability to be better ? I am not writing this blog because I want to pull down the government, far be it. I am writing it because I believe that the government of Nigeria can be better.
I believe that Nigerians can have a better deal than they are getting right now. I believe that we could be greater as a nation, more prosperous as a people all within the confines of the current resources that we posses right now.
We do not need to import the intellect ,wealth or any other quality available in any nation to prosper. They are all available in this nation in abundance. All we need is to harness and channel them for the common good.
At the moment all the wealth, and resources, of this nation are sustaining and supporting a negligible minority elite ruling class, to the hurt of the majority.

This must stop! We should begin to demand that those in government and other positions of authority do right by those who are weak and voiceless.

Our leaders must no longer feed fat while their followers do not know what they would eat the next day.

It begins from you and I saying NO!

It is a new day we are now aware, do not keep quiet,leave your comments, we are in this together. See you soon (PS: You can also follow my posts on Facebook)

(The picture is of butterflies,Nigeria is delicate like a butterfly,let us protect her)

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  1. A good thought and way to report the true state of our nation.