Sunday, June 19, 2011


In one of my submissions on the subject of corruption, I wrote that it is like the words of a popular hymn,

It breathes in the air,
it shines in the light,
it streams from the hills,
 it descends to the plain,
and sweetly distills in the dew,
 and the rain
This indicates the pervasive, and cloying nature of corruption in our system. I will not bore you with the fruits of corruption, they are ever before us. What I would like to talk about, is our expectation, that president Goodluck Jonathan, would depart from the script written by his predecessors, and somehow write his own, and actually fight corruption!

While this would truly be a breath of fresh air, the reality is that, he cannot fight corruption! Fighting corruption would be like a man moving the ground upon which he is standing!

Goodluck Jonathan, is following the ancient landmarks set by the leaders before him! They are in his past as milestones, and his future, as beacons, and guidelines!

Goodluck cannot fight corruption, it is impossible! Corruption is the "maker" of his presidency! 

The substructure, foundation, underpinning, girding, and reenforcement of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, government, is corruption! 

Corruption is like the lamp that the president must dance to, he is mesmerized by it, he finds succor in it, he even finds fulfillment in it, he is pacified, as a baby, by it! So why should he fight it? How can he fight it?

Corruption derives from the rule of strong men, in an environment of weak institutions! That is why organizations like the mafia, only thrive in environments where there are weak law enforcement institutions!

The first blow in the war against corruption, is an open society! What we currently run, is a closed, cabal-dominated one! Decisions that affect all of us, are made at night, by a few powerful men, disregarding the outcome it might have on the rest of the populace! 

When we have an open society, strong institutions would emerge! We are rejoicing at the conduct of the last general elections in Nigeria, but they were successful, despite the weak election umpire! What we saw, was the influence of a strong man, Professor Jega, at work! In this case for something positive! 

Such progress cannot endure, and cannot be replicated, as long as we have weak institutions! It is the emergence of strong institutions, that would cause ordinary men, to do courageous things for good! 
And that is the final reason why President Goodluck cannot fight corruption: he is a weak man, surrounded by weak institutions that should do good, and strong men intent on doing bad!

In four years time, God giving us life, I will look at this article again, I will see whether I was wrong in my assertions, or that like a crab in a basket full of crabs, Goodluck Jonathan, has not been able to escape the pull of the corrupt multitude!


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