Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dimeji Bankole Collects One Hundred Million Every Ninety Days

There is a long established tradition among armed robbers in Nigeria, I do not know about other climes: it is that when one of them is captured, he usually starts "singing", exposing the other members of the gang!

The current travails of Sabur Oladimeji Bankole, the immediate past speaker of Nigeria's house of representatives, looks like some high-class, genteel singing!

His first public utterance, albeit by his media aide, in the midst of allegations of malfeasance, and all manner of corruption,
: the charge that he borrowed, and misappropriated ten billion naira, which incidentally, is the least in gravity, in the pantheon of allegations, is quite instructive! 

He is alleged to have broken down in tears, and regretted ever accepting to be speaker!

Is that not a case of medicine after death, or closing the barn door, after the horse has bolted?

He, like what we used to see petty robbers exhibiting on Crime Fighters, a popular police programme on local television, started naming all those who shared in the loot! 

In a curious similarity to the same, he declined sharing in the loot. The only thing he did not say, was that it was the devil that made him do it!

Bankole, to prove that he did not share in the loot, said that his quarterly allocation, was one hundred million naira! This he affirmed, rather ruefully, did not go up with those of the other presiding officers!

I am still reeling from the shock of the revelation! The fellow has admitted publicly, that he is paid one million,one hundred and eleven thousand, one naira per day!  

Why would people not kill to hang on to political office,or to get there! This is better than minting money, or wasting your time at some useless honest business!

And it is not as if they work three hundred and sixty days a year! They give themselves generous amounts of holidays, and they also collect constituency project allowances, and all manner of sundry allowances!

We do not need to look far, to see where the real enemy of Nigeria is! They occupy the blue, and red, chambers of the national assembly!

Never in the history of the world, has so much been paid for so little done, to such an undeserving lot!

The speaker can defend his collecting one hundred million naira every ninety days, when the minimum wage of seventeen thousand naira, is still in contention as to whether states can pay,or not!

Our speaker collects one hundred million in ninety days, when we have universities that are nothing more than glorified secondary schools!

We have potholed roads, and hospitals that are inadequately staffed, and equipped!

Thank you Dimeji Bankole for opening our eyes! The Yoruba people have a proverb, that the insect that is consuming the vegetable, is lives on it! 

Our rulers have revealed, that we need to "fight" a second war of independence, independence from wastrels masquerading as servants of the people!

We need to work towards making political office, a true public service venture! We must rise, and demand that they serve voluntarily! 

If we do this, all these leeches, would look elsewhere! 

Arise Nigeria, it is time to throw off the shackles, our oppressors, are with us, and they have covered our rising with their prodigious greed!

Arise Nigeria! Arise!


"He insisted that before the increment in quarterly allocation, which necessitated the taking of the loan, he received N100m per quarter while Nafada collected N80m.
Bankole added that after the increment, the two presiding officers continued to receive the old rate.
However, he revealed that from N46m, Akogun’s allowance was jacked up to N60m, a difference of N14m.
Agaie now took home N57m, up from N43m, a difference of N14m.
Similarly, he said that Ihedioha’s was raised to N55m from N41m, with a difference of N14m, while Waziri-Tambuwal got N54.5m as against the old rate of N40.5m.
Gbajabiamila, who was receiving N36m per quarter, had his own jacked up to N50m.
The former speaker stated that other members, who hitherto received N28m each per quarter, raised theirs to N42m each. 
By this new sharing formula, the six former principal officers were said to be sharing N456.5m every three months since March 30, 2010.
The document explains further, “Before the increment, quarterly allowance to the Office of the Speaker was N100m while his deputy received N80m"
                                       -Source The Punch Newspaper Tuesday 7th June 2011


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