Thursday, June 16, 2011


For many who understand Nigeria, the suicide bomb attack on the Nigeria Police Headquarters in Abuja, is a new benchmark in the Boko Haram imbroglio!

One that portends evil days ahead!

Before now, the group had restricted it's attacks to it's core catchment areas of Bauchi, Borno, and Gombe state.

It had also staged what could best be described as skirmishes! 

With the suicide bomber, it has now claimed it's place in the pantheon of other notorious organizations like Abu Sayyaf, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and a host of others who use humans, as weapons!

The sad truth about Boko Haram, is that it had previously enjoyed the support of elements in government who supported it financially! It was when it tried to swallow the hand, and the body, that was feeding it, that it fell out with the government! 

The group is one of many littering Northern Nigeria. 

Many are at varying stages in their development to Boko Haram status!

They are usually given protection from the police, and sometimes, have whole villages as enclaves where they incubate their deviant notions! 

It would be difficult for the police to tell me, that they were not aware of the group five years ago! 

They were, but they looked the other way, because of orders from above!

A few years ago, Sheik El Zakzaky, an Islamiic fundamentalist, had a camp in Kaduna state.

At a press conference, he once held up a security report purportedly written by the state's police commissioner to the Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro!

In the report, it was alleged that the Islamic group, was a growing threat to lives, and property, in the state!

It alleged that the group had a whole village in Zaria, that was a training camp for militants. No outsiders were allowed to go in, because the group owned the village. Those who assayed to, were killed! How this group got this report, was a mystery, the police, I believe out of embarrassment, disowned the report. 

That is the kind of complicity that has given birth to Boko Haram! 

A few months after, Sheik Elzakkaky, unleashed hell on the helpless citizens living in Kaduna!

 It is time all Moslems, who love peace, and love this nation too, draw a line on what is legitimate Islam, and criminality!

We know Nigeria is elastic, and has survived all that we have managed to afflict her with, but we should bear in mind, that everything under the sun, has a breaking point!

Nigeria has too many problems already, we cannot afford to add suicide attacks by religious extremists to the list! 

But then again, it is wishful thinking on my part, because it is already is!


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  1. When the government offers amnesty at will instead of tackling the problems, we will continue to have many Boko Harams, and its not about religion. Its about poverty in the land. Very soon, some disgruntled youths in the SW will find a cause to fight for, destroy lives and properties, then seek amnesty. That's the Nigeria we are living in today.