Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It is very difficult to overlook an elephant. I have seen a few at Yankari Game reserve, and I have even tracked some on foot! It is difficult to miss them because they are big, and have a temper to go with their size!

In the debris-strewn wake of Dimeji Bankole's nationally aired farcical comedy, there sits an elephant,actually two, if I may say; quietly munching away in the corner! 

Is it possible that we have been so taken by Bankole's supposed troubles, that we have missed the elephants sitting on the Speaker's seat at the national assembly?

Bankole alleged, that is the legal term I believe, that it was the principal officers, excepting himself and his deputy, who were the beneficiaries of the now troublesome largess.

In case we have forgotten. two of the said principal officers, Waziri-Tambuwal, and Emeka Ihedioha, are now the new speaker, and deputy speaker of the house respectively!

This is truly a conundrum  of cataclysmic proportions! No one at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is saying anything about these gavel wielding elephants!

Is it that theirs is the next instalment of the comedy? Is Waziri-Tambuwa studying the Bankole play book, to garner strategies for the conflict sure to come?

What is the position of the law regarding the allegations made by Bankole, against the new honourable speaker, and his deputy?

Could it be that the two gentlemen, fearing the worst, jeopardised their party's zoning formula, just to save their skins?

Things are never as the seem to suggest in this country! We all called them democrats, when they kicked the People's Democratic Party in the teeth: could theirs have been an act of immense self-serving desperation? The case of the thief joining the police to evade arrest!

Whatever the truth is, the next four years promise to be a jolly good ride! 

I suspect the PDP would engineer some clever impeachment moves against these men, right now, the elephants are upsetting the apple cart, and that cannot just be allowed! 

While the air may not be fresh yet, the waters truly have been fouled!

Aluta continua!


"He insisted that before the increment in quarterly allocation, which necessitated the taking of the loan, he received N100m per quarter while Nafada collected N80m.
Bankole added that after the increment, the two presiding officers continued to receive the old rate.
However, he revealed that from N46m, Akogun’s allowance was jacked up to N60m, a difference of N14m.
Agaie now took home N57m, up from N43m, a difference of N14m.
Similarly, he said that Ihedioha’s was raised to N55m from N41m, with a difference of N14m, while Waziri-Tambuwal got N54.5m as against the old rate of N40.5m.
Gbajabiamila, who was receiving N36m per quarter, had his own jacked up to N50m.
The former speaker stated that other members, who hitherto received N28m each per quarter, raised theirs to N42m each. 
By this new sharing formula, the six former principal officers were said to be sharing N456.5m every three months since March 30, 2010.
The document explains further, “Before the increment, quarterly allowance to the Office of the Speaker was N100m while his deputy received N80m"
                                       -Source The Punch Newspaper Tuesday 7th June 2011

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