Friday, June 18, 2010

Letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, No 2

My Dear President Jonathan,
I am writing to you from Akure today, I am sure you are not aware yet. But it has happened. Yesterday, there was a robbery in Akure!

I know you would say, that is not news,we have robberies everyday in Nigeria. I agree, but first, hear the particulars Sir.

The robbers were under the age of thirty! They were led by a very pretty young girl! Most of them were young girls! 

They were bold enough to walk on the main road, the way even you cannot Sir. As they walked along, armed beyond, and above the police, their vehicle slowly followed them!

It was as if they were inviting the police for a confrontation, or running a lap of honour!

They robbed Union bank, and First bank in a western movie style operation. They took the lives of innocent people calmly. Are you asking about your policemen Sir? They hid like children behind their mothers' skirts! They were shouting Ori iya mi ooooo! when they saw the caliber of weapons used by the robbers. Our policemen seemed like grasshoppers, in their own eyes!

If you remember Sir, I had warned you in my last letter about the soon to emerge crisis of resolute restless restive youth youths. I am very sad the prediction is coming true.

The way the robbery was planned, one could see that a lot of thought, and intelligence, had gone into the planning. This was not a group of lucky criminals, these ones were well trained in the art of robbery!

What do we do Mr President, tick! tock! tick! tock!, the clock is ticking, and the next wave of intelligent robberies, are just waiting for tomorrow's sun to rise.

These young, now tainted, Nigerians, took the law into their hands, because the system had failed them.

While I do not, and cannot, condone their action, in fact I condemn it with every atom of my being, I understand them clearly. This was their last throw of the dice, their last card.They have given up on Nigeria. They know that, to hope in Nigeria, as it is currently set up, is to tie an elephant to a spider's web. It is the most frustrating of frustrations. 

We see scarce resources frittered away on non productive politicians, we see other less endowed nations, growing bigger, and greater.
All we get from government are mere words, hollow platitudes.


Sometime down the line, these robbers would be caught, probably killed, and their bullet riddled bodies, shown on Crime Fighters. 

We would falsely hail it as a success. Alas! we have only succeeded in putting a plaster over a cancer. The root cause persists, and when it spawns the next teenage robbers, we would still not have taken any lesson away from the event.

Mr President, learn from this one! 

Give us hope!

Do something to change this course of shame and hopelessness we are are careening through.

As you do Sir,


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