Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finding our default setting

What is our default setting?

I mean it in the sense that it is used for machines, and other equipment. 

If we dig deep into our collective subconsciousness, what exactly are we?

How are we truly wired?

I ask this question, because I have discovered that, there are very few nations on earth that possess the wealth of human resource that we have.
We have great minds, world class ones, in every sphere of human concourse, we even have some of the most brilliant deviant minds on the planet!

So what exactly, is the true Nigerian like, when restored to the default mode?

We have been maladjusted by many years of military misrule,and subjugation. We have been cowed into submission by jackboots, and gun butts, we have been flogged with iron studded belts, and horse whips.
We have been taught to obey the last order ! As they say in the military. 

When the uncivilized civilians finally came, they continued in that mode,or should I say setting, of insisting on obeying the last order. 

We bought into it. We had been conditioned long ago, for so long, by long years of military oppression.

So what is our default setting?

For many years, under the military, we consoled ourselves with the the most famous prayer in Nigeria,God De! 

It was originally an expression of faith, in the existence of God. But as time passed, and God seemed not to be delivering us, it took on a new meaning, and became a declaration of acceptance of our miserable
lot,capitulation,surrender, and every other word that represents defeat!

The civil leaders were quick to learn, they taught us that we existed for their pleasure, and that they were doing us a favour ruling us.

We believed them!

So they paid themselves sinful salaries, closed down their private businesses, because politics paid better. They withdrew their children from public schools, and enrolled them in schools abroad, they refused to drink the same water with us, only bottled water was good for their thieving constitution!

We accepted!

Now when they tell us black is white, we believe them!

When they tell us we are nothing! We accept!

And we say again God De!

But that has not always been our reaction.

I remember Fumilayo Ransome Kuti, I remember Margaret Ekpo, I remember Pa Micheal Akunwanne Omnibus Imodu, and all the other illustrious Nigerians before us.

They took no prisoners, and accepted no nonsense from colonial overlords.

We do not remotely look like them!

But their blood flows in our veins, their genes are in us.

The default setting is there.




Lets go back!

Let us reset ourselves!

As we do,


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