Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan

Our Dear President Jonathan,
I write this letter to you with a very heavy heart. I know that the layers of protocol, and bureaucracy, that surround you, are more than the layers of an onion; but I will still try to still reach you.

We, your people, whom you have been so fortuitously given the honour of leading, want you to be aware of what is truly going on in the real world, as opposed to the make-believe land that civil servants live in. It is the only place they wish you to see. But there is another world, the real world, the world of the common Nigerian.

Every day I see them on my street, young men, and women, who should be in the university, but cannot go, because there are no adequate slots for them. Sadly, when other nations are looking at ways of improving their next generation, we have allowed ours to run wild. 

I see them on the road when I go out. Able-bodied men, carrying a tray with a few cigarettes, sweets, and kola nuts. I ask myself the question, can this man make enough to feed himself, and his family?

In the markets, they are an army of young angry men who have nothing to do, they are the touts, and canvassers, sometimes, they also are the pickpockets. They are idle, not because they want to be, but because the system has failed them. We have failed to plan for them, now they do not have anything to do, in short, they have no future.

I know that governments are not meant to create jobs, the duty of government, is to create the enabling environment for jobs to be created. The environment I see government creating, is one that would lead to anarchy.

There is anger on the streets, and it is justified. Men do not have hope. They do not like the tomorrow they see approaching them; there is inequity, there is inequality, there is iniquity,all fostered by government!

They see politicians, and civil servants, living like kings, and they want the same thing, but they are denied. This is a recipe for chaos. We are sitting on a volcano, We may feel comfortable right now, but the pressure is building. Like all volcanoes, it will surely erupt.

The eruption will be unpredictable, it will be painful, it will cause widespread damage. But can we afford it?

Whenever I drive through this crowd of young, angry men, I can sense the tension,I can sense their anger, I can sense their frustration. They see anyone, reasonably comfortable, as an enemy, they see me as one of those oppressing them. I am afraid.

They have not exploded yet, because they have not organized themselves, they will one day, because they are now talking to one another. It is only a matter of when, not if, they would organize. But time is slipping away even as we speak.

You, Mr President, need to act now! And time, is not on your side!

You have been prepared for this time, you have been assigned this one duty, save Nigeria from social disintegration!

Begin by dealing with the cabal that has captured the electricity sector, hobble them, vanquish them!  Every thing in Nigeria, revolves around electricity. If it is not working, Nigeria is not working!

Sack all those who hold senior management positions in our refineries, they should not be paid for inefficiency;  appoint their deputies, and set them one performance target only, the working of our refineries.

Our economy is still rudimentary, we are still constrained to move large numbers of goods, and people. 

Petroleum products, are the lifeblood of Nigeria. It is shameful, that we cannot refine what we produce in excess,and have to depend on foreigners, it is not in our strategic national interest! Like an infant, we need someone to pre-chew our food for us before we can consume it, this is immoral.

Accelerate the electoral reform process, it will give us hope when we go to the polls, let our votes truly count, let us elect, and not be elected for. We do not have anything against you, you may even be the beneficiary, if you do the right thing. 

Only be bold, only be brave, "for he who dares, wins"

This  is our prayer for you, that you do the right thing!


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