Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Anger In The Land,What Do We Do With It?

There is a tide of indignation sweeping across Nigeria.

It is a mighty wave of discontent at the staus quo.
The catalyst for this tide was the wrestling contest in the house of representatives. 

It is a highway to hope, a road map to national rebirth. 

Our way back to sanity.

Everyday people, young ,and old, are saying; it is enough! 

We have tolerated the infantile squabbling of our errant leaders for so long. 

Now we are tired! 

Out tolerance has expired. 

We are taking our nation back!

This is an uncommon opportunity for us to reverse the rot, and heal Nigeria. 

She has been bleeding, like a helpless soldier, whose comrades have all fallen. 

But hope, springs again in Nigeria!

We feel alive again, despite the shame, and pain. 

What are we going to do?

Are we going to allow them to continue like before?

Are we going to pretend that we have not been raped, ravished,and reviled?


No more!

Never again!

I am glad this happened a few months to the next major elections, we now have many reasons to register to vote, we now know that politics is too valuable to leave in the hands of people with arrested development.

We must join these parties, and sanitize them.
If you find the stench too much, hold your nose and stay.

If they push you away, smile, and come back like a persistent mosquito! 

Nigeria is depending on us to salvage her. She is like a ship hijacked by pirates, if no one comes to her rescue, she is doomed to a life of piracy.

If we refuse to do anything now, we are sentencing ourselves,and our children, to unimaginable slavery,servitude, and squalor.

Stand Up Nigeria!

Stand Up!

It is Time!


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