Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forget about watching wrestling on television, watch the house of reps.

So the 'honourable members' of the house of representatives fought on the floor of the house.

Yawn! Stretch!

I am not impressed, I am not amazed. 

It was expected.

If we consider their pedigree, and antecedents, it is more amazing, that we have not had more before now, or that more of them do not die on the floor of the house from fracas like this.

These are people who went to school, but never acquired education , civility, decorum, and culture! 

A lot of them were members of secret cults in their higher institutions, and were involved in incidents that led to loss of lives in the past.

If you subject them to lie detector tests, you will see that they now belong to higher cults. 
Others are fraudsters, and scam artists, It is the Nigerian way!

They do not know how to sit down and watch someone, with a contrary view present his point. They have been struggling like a bulldog on a leash barking at a cat. 

Finally, they got their wish, the result was what they did yesterday. A lot of them can barely speak English for ten minutes without mixing their tenses, syntax, and structure. 

Many of them 'won' their elections by physically intimidating, and subduing the opposition during campaigns, and elections. 

What is a coup? It is the illegitimate overthrow of a democratic process. Many of those parading themselves as honourable members, rigged to win, they are in the house today because they had brilliant lawyers who succeeded in wining at the various tribunals, on technicalities.

They are a bunch of clowns who are not working hard for Nigeria, and Nigerians, but for themselves. 

They do not see election to the house as a platform for service, it is a channel for self enrichment. 

When they vet the budgets of ministries, and other government bodies, their underlying purpose is to spot possible lucrative contracts. 

They usually go back to these bodies with their companies, or proxies, seeking for the contracts they know are due for execution. 

These fellows are not in any way better than the militants in the Niger Delta!
 The only difference between them is that , while the militants use guns, and speedboats ,in mosquito infested swamps , our 'honourable' members use microphones, and the gavel, and are ensconced in an airconditioned chamber.

Meanwhile, they recently squabbled over doubling their annual allowances.

In Switzerland, their legislators are part time, and they do not earn the type of allowance these people are paid for doing nothing for us.
We should begin to think along such lines. If we adopt that model, the 'rats' who are currently breaking in, to eat the fish in the pantry, will not have any motivation to do so.

I will leave you with a thought by Professor Tekena Tamuno, he said 'All things bright and beautiful, all things wise and wonderful Nigerians kill them all!

It is time to stop killing our hope for a better tomorrow for Nigeria!

Someone needs to tell the house members, that they are a disgrace!


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