Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Goodluck Jonathan Should Win The Next Election!

You are not wrong! I am truly advocating that a candidate I have vilified for attempting to run, should now win. Do not worry, I have not received my own $50,000.00! Neither have I suddenly achieved a Eureka moment, and I can safely confirm that I have not attained the state of conversion on the matter!

My volt face, on this issue, is as a result of a very simple,but logical, reason, we need to destroy the ruling People's Democratic Party,PDP!

However, we cannot do it ourselves, we need them to do it for us.

Jonathan running, and possibly winning the election, is the perfect catalyst! The PDP, is not a proper political party in the pure sense of the word. It does not have a monolithic command, and control, center, it is not driven by some overriding centrifugal manifesto,or mantra. Instead, what it is is a group of loose associations,under many different overlords who understand that there is safety in numbers, it is driven by one purpose alone, the capture and control of political,and economic, power in Nigeria, for the next sixty years!

The party's manifesto,is similar to what dummy corporations have as areas of business, something for anyone scrutinizing them to see, and be satisfied that they are legitimate! What the PDP stands for, is the prosperity of her members first! Nigeria, does not matter at all.

That is why when Umaru Yar'Adua became president, he came up with his seven point agenda, it later became eight, and now it is something else. It took him more than a year to decide on what he wanted to do, the manifesto of the party, was just something they drew up to facilitate their registration!

They have been in government for so long, because they have maintained a united front, the phalanx they have presented to other parties, has been solid, and impregnable!

They have been helped by the zoning of Nigeria's presidency, and other offices. It has been used as an instrument of maintaining the peace, and ensuring that everyone was "pissing outwards"

I apologize for this example I am about to make, but it is apt because birds of a feather,fly together. The PDP can be likened to five individuals who have agreed to take turns to gang-rape a hapless,helpless woman. As long as they keep to the terms of the agreement, there would always be four strong men to hold down the woman, while the fifth ravishes her!

The result of that, is that the woman cannot escape; but if some of them suddenly kick against the zoning arrangement, they may decide to let an arm,and a leg go, and the woman stands a chance of escaping! It is even possible, that all four "restrainers" let go at once, and you now have five men scrambling for the woman. In the hurly burly ,pell mell, and confusion , the woman might find herself free of the struggling,scrambling men, and escape!

Nigeria has been the poor woman, and the PDP, the rapists!

Jonathan bucking the agreed to arrangement, is the first man letting go! The disaffection engendered, I hope, should be sufficient to cause a cataclysmic implosion of the party.

I know Jonathan winning the election, would mean another four years of looting,and misgovernment, but if that is the price we have to pay, to deliver Nigeria, four years in the life of a nation, is insignificant. We have endured worse under Babangida, and Sani Abacha.

We have been told by a party of less than one million people, that they would determine our destiny of one hundred and fifty million others, for sixty years!

The PDP ruling Nigeria for that long, is unacceptable, and a hellish contemplation.

Because of that, I will choose the lesser evil, let Jonathan win the election, it is the vaccine we need to cure Nigeria of the deadly PDP virus!


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