Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Future Is Now

When you listen to politicians making their usual fantastic promises, they convey the impression, that we need to make sacrifices today, for us to have a better future!

This is what we regularly hear from political leaders in Nigeria. 

Sacrifice! Sacrifice!! Sacrifice!!!

They use the word as if they are the God of Israel who demands a sacrifice for every transaction! While we know that God honours his own side of the bargain by blessing his people, our leaders are the only ones who seem to be enjoying the blessings!

They are roundly overweight, drive the best cars, and have the pick of the girls, houses, and other perks their position affords them!

The other day I was around the Apo legislators quarters, a fantastic piece of real estate that houses Nigeria's federal lawmakers! I was sad! I was not sad because of the overstated opulence,or the latest cars driving in,and out: I was sad because of what I saw by their gates. I saw an army of children selling all manner of items to people stopped by the traffic lights.

I could see that it was not the best situation for these children to be in, but because some of them depended on whatever minuscule profit they could make from this dangerous, venture to feed their families, and pay their way through school, I realized that they were more the victims here, than offenders!

Once in a while, the officials from the local government would come to "confiscate" their wares for illegal street trading, and impose fines higher than the value of the seized goods. Ultimately, the goods were forefeited to these officials, and you can imagine who gains in this transaction.

While unfeeling,uncaring, and unseeing politicians, grow fat today, our children,due to anti-people policies  face a future without hope.

I have contended over and over again, that it does not take much to change the lot of Nigerians! We do not need to apply for some special IMF loan, what we need is already in our coffers! What we now require, is the political will to get off our fat behinds, to make it happen!

The common man on the street does not care who becomes president, all he wants, is to know that the best that can be done for him, is being done sincerely by the people who are in charge!

We will not have another today, just tomorrows! The problem is that the way we treat our people today, would define what they become tomorrow!

And right now, it does not amount to much!


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