Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Tale Of Two Nigerias

In Brazil, somewhere in the Amazon basin, two mighty rivers pour into one channel. It is a natural phenomenon for one obvious reason, the two rivers do not mix until they reach the sea. They are distinct because the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon is dark in colour,while the Amazon, is brown.

They are in the same channel,but that is all they have in common. In Nigeria today, there is a tale of two Nigerias. We have the affluent Nigeria of the political class: and we also have the Nigeria of the poor,pauperized,and pitiful, masses. 

They both go to the same markets with different wallets, drive on the same roads in different cars, and sometimes live in the same neighbourhood, one in a rodent infested trap, the other in a palatial mansion.

If you cut the two of them they bleed the same, they speak the same language, and come from the same stock: but their lots in life, are different. 

As different as day is from night!

The political class are less than one percent of the population,but consume ninety percent of our resources!

The masses,are left to manage the ten percent that is left.

They promise the dividends of democracy, but it looks like they are the only ones receiving the warrants.

They urge us to sacrifice, but they seem to be the altar, and the god, receiving our sacrifices!

The politicians prosper at the expense of the people they are called to serve. 

They are like pipes that are always wet,but deliver no water! They are wombs that carry the pregnancy,but end up consuming the foetus!

These people are the the vilest of the vile, the thrive on the most repugnant of all  human vices; greed! 

They are evil!

The promise sight,but only deliver darkness, they vow to deliver comfort, but  leave us naked! 

We have become the "cocoyam", while they are the "goats", to borrow from Ola Rotimi's book,The God's Are Not To Blame!  And they have been eating us at their own pleasure!

If you do not have money in Nigeria today, you are not human! You do not have any rights, and you should not have any expectations, because they would end up as mere illusions.

The rich leaders oppress the poor, and the poor receive suffering as their lot in life.

When a governor travels by road, he sometimes has an entourage of over twenty cars! And each car could have up to three people,and these people are paid allowances for massaging his ego. They bamboozle the poor with their horsewhip wielding security operatives,and never feel the pulse of the people they claim to serve. They are the worst kind of despotic colonial, the indigenous one.

They know they system,and work it to their advantage to the detriment of the people! 

The story is told of the former Benue state governor; apparently, one of his wives lived on a street that was not tarred. 

So the fellow decided to do something about it; he tarred the road up to a few meters after his wife's house, and left the rest the way it was! 

So every night,he gets to drive to his missus on a tarred road, and when he leaves, he goes back the way he came!

If that is not evil, then nothing more,  would be! 

But we deserve everything we are getting from them! We want it like an elixir,we need it like a tonic! We cannot do without it. We have become conditioned to suffering, and can no longer imagine life without it; so we postpone our rest and comfort, to the day we get to heaven. We believe that over the River Jordan, bye and bye, there would our sorrows finally end! That is a correct interpretation of scripture, but a wrong mantra to live live by. 

Why do we complain in our offices, when every other person is promoted,and we are not? We know we passed the exam, we do not have any disciplinary issues preventing us,but an error is responsible. so we protest, and shout injustice!

But when the same thing is done to us in the larger society by our leaders,we accept it as our lot from God!

We are waiting for others,who will never come, to come and fight our battles for us! The messiah will never come! We are the messiah,and until we are ready to lay down our lives for what we believe in,our situation will not change.

Power does not change hands peacefully, when tyrants are involved! You do not negotiate,or appeal, to a bully,you stand up to him,and fight for your right! Get up Nigeria! Stand Up! Your day is about to dawn, will it dawn in freedom, or will you go to bed again, a slave in your own land!

Let us all register, and vote them out of office!


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