Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Breath Of Fresh Air:Goodluck's Secret Message To You!

One of the consequences of the myriad of election disputes arising from the twelve years of the the People's Democratic Party,PDP, misrule, is that many of us have become more knowledgeable when it comes to the law!

One phrase that we found reoccuring in many disputes, is that a party to a case, cannot approbate, and reprobate at the same time!

It simply means that one cannot approve, and disapprove a matter in the same breath!

You cannot take two conflicting positions in a matter, simply because you feel it would enhance your chances of winning! A typical example of this at work, was when pettitioners prayed the court to declare that no election was held in a place, and to at the same time declare them winners! The courts were wise to ask,"Of what election? The one that did not hold?

It is therefore interesting to see what Goodluck Jonathan, our president by default, has hinged his campaign on: "a breath of fresh air"

One is curious to know, where is this breath of fresh air coming from? Is he saying that he is going to import Britons, and Americans, to run Nigeria? Or, could he have forgotten, even while he is still a beneficiary, that he has been a part of the PDP misrule that has "de-developpd" Nigeria?

Jonathan was the deputy governor in Bayelsa state from the beginning of this democratic dispensation! He then became the state governor when his boss was impeached for malfeasance!

Could Jonathan have forgotten so soon, that he was also the vice president under Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, and that he is still a beneficiary of that regime!

For Jonathan to attempt to distance himself from the old smelly, stinking,shameful corpse, that the PDP rule has become, is laughable, and very unimmaginative!

It is like a fish saying that it is not a part of the water that sustains it, or for a building to deny it's foundation! Jonathan is part of the architecture of failure, misrule, and mismanagement, the PDP has visited on Nigeria!

A vote for Jonathan, is a vote for four more years of business as usual! A vote for Jonathan, is a vote for four more years of his master Olusegun Obasanjo! A vote for Jonathan, would complete sixteen years of the sixty, the PDP has promised to misrule Nigeria for!

So, if you are wise, you will give Jonathan what he truly, deep down in his heart wants, a breath of fresh air for Nigeria! He knows his party has failed Nigeria, but as a loyal party man, he cannot come out to say it! That is why he has sent all of us a secret, coded message, that we should deliver Nigeria from the stench of the PDP, and give her a breath of fresh air! 

A vote for the PDP, is a vote for unending power failure! A vote for the PDP, is a vote for fuel scarcity, and corruption! A vote for the PDP, is a vote for leaders who do not feel the pain of the people! 

I went to the petrol station yesterday to buy fuel for my generator: I bought twenty nine liters for N2,200.00! At the end of the purchase, the attendant asked me to pay him an extra N200.00 because he had sold fuel into a jerry can for me! That is one of the bright and shinning ongoing legacies of the PDP! They punish us by not building power stations, and refineries, and we pay for their inefficiency! 

Let us be wise, shun ethnic politics that lead to more slavery, vote for the real breath of fresh air in this election, General Muhammadu Buhari! 


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