Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is There Hope For Nigeria?

I have been offline for more than a week now! I have been concerned with more serious matters in the world of brick, and stones! It has afforded me the opportunity of ruminating on the trajectory our great country Nigeria is on.

We have had continuous civil rule for about twelve years now, but the country seems to be worse than it was twelve years ago! If one were to measure progress on the basis of tangible things like access to cell phones, Ipads, and Iphones, et al, we have made tremendous progress!

If, however, we look at the state of our voiceless poor, we would see the clear indictment of twelve years of misrule by the People's Democratic Party, PDP! I know I love bashing them, but they are fair game, and every knock is justified!

In twelve years, more Nigerians have become poorer, while a very small number, is so rich now, that ever Forbes is beginning to notice them! I have no quarrel with rich men! I love wealth, and the good one can do with it! My grouse is that a system that is unfair, unjust, and uncaring, is surely ungodly! 

Every leader from Obasanjo, has mouthed all the right phrases  of poverty alleviation, but only succeeded in elevating poverty to a national vocation! 

To our shame, we have not been able to build one small refinery! Yet we talk about progress! We spread poverty, and export jobs, each time we export crude oil, and import finished petroleum products!

I do not have any new argument to canvass on why we are poor, all the causes, remote, and immediate, as they love to say in the civil service, are all in the public domain! 

It is quite simple really, governments, at all levels have failed! They have been failing for the past twelve years, and if allowed to continue, they will fail for another four! 

When people argue that Nigeria is a failed State, those of us who are of the positive confession kind, fulminate, and robustly rebut the obvious, and glaring, fact!

If Nigeria were a marriage, it would have concluded divource proceeding years ago! If we were a business, we would have ceased to be trading a long time a go! If she were an athlete, she would have been banned for life, for cheating, and repeated drug use!

The word that comes to mind, when I consider Nigeria, is a Biblical word, REPROBATE! It means failing to pass a test which is common for others to pass! 

We have hospitals that kill people, roads that destroy cars, and schools that breed ignoramuses! It is as if the more money we spend, the more difficult it is to get a positive result! what other countries do, without effort, we need to attempt a dozen times, before we succeed, partially! 

We can fairly put our failure to achieve, at the feet of the PDP. but not all of it.

We have also been negligent as a people, we have kept quiet when we should have spoken, we folded our arms when we should have thrown stones, we suffered loss when we should have protested, and demanded prompt redress!

In many parts of the world, election to a political office, is it's own reward! The opportunity to influence policy, is seen as enough reward, so political office holders, serve their people! In our own case, when people run for office, they are actually applying for jobs! They see elections as being the same thing as getting a well-paying job! And sadly, that has been our lot.

A passage in the Bible, from the book of Ecclesiastes's chapter 10, sums our situation succinctly,16.

 Woe to thee O land,
 when thy king is a child,
and thy princes eat in the morning.
17.Blessed art thou o land,
 when thy king is the son of nobles,
 and thy princes eat in due season,
 for strength,
and not for drunkenness,

When leaders are not willing to sacrifice, the nation suffers! When people of no integrity are the ones foisted on us, instead of individuals who are noble, our country can only suffer!

We have another opportunity in a few days time to set our nation on the path of greatness, let us vote out the PDP!


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