Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Death Desired!

With gratitude to God, for a life not well spent, we are happy to announce the imminent death of the People's Democratic Party! Fondly called Peter De Pay, and People Destroying Party, this party presided over the worst twelve years of Nigeria's political history!
Born in the ashes of the immolation of military rule, this ogre has consumed all that is good about Nigeria! We are only left with memories of how things used to be good, the good old days!

It began it's life at Corruption Comprehensive Primary School, and went on to the Secondary School for Hired Killers! Not satisfied with this achievement, it proceeded to the University of Election Manipulation, and Kleptocracy!

As a result of it's perceived invincibility, the PDP promised to rule the helpless, hapless citizens of Nigeria for sixty years! It did this with the most heinous skulduggery, the manipulation of law enforcement agents, and the use of violence!

Her first born son, General Olusegun Obasanjo, was a master of do, or die politics! He rode rough shod over the opposition, and pursued others to submission through his selective use of anti corruption agencies! His reign promised so much, but delivered so little! 

He was booed off the stage after his attempt at tenure elongation!

Umaru Musa Yar' Adua, was the second offspring of note, he preached the rule of law, and was a prisoner to the worst case of illegality at the highest level in Nigeria's history! His wife, and a few cronies, sought to undermine the constitution, buy ruling in his stead! 

His case threatened the very foundations upon which this great nation was founded! Mercifully, he died, saving us from a fate better imagined, than experienced!

His death seemed to open a new era for Nigeria, but that was short-lived!

Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Mainasara Jonathan etc etc etc a la the King and I, and the farcical inimitable, and impatient Dame Patient,  have become the proverbial cloud in the dry season! We were promised freshness, but all we can feel, is dryness, and decay! 

In one year, Jonathan has spent more money than any other president in the history of our great country! He has frittered away our foreign reserves, on spurious projects! 

He has promised the rule of law, but promoted anarchy, and chaos, in Plateau, Gombe, and Borno states, by his prevarication in handling the crises in these states! 

His fear of offending the powers that be in, has left Nigeria leaderless, rudderless, and helpless!

The PDP holds the distinction of being the only party in Nigeria that nominated a man in prison, Iyiola Omisore, as their candidate for the hallowed Senate of the federal republic of Nigeria! 

As a mark of their disdain for Nigeria, the ensured he won the election, by rigging! Their love for the prison was taken to the absurd, when they celebrated their leader in the South West, Olabode George, a man jailed for two years for official corruption, like a king!
The show of shame was televised on national television for us to see!

As we go to the polls to cast our votes, let each vote be against the PDP! Let each vote mark the turning off of the life support system keeping it alive!

The PDP has promised to rule Nigeria for sixty years, with, or without our consent; let us show them, that we still have a say in the matter, vote out the PDP in every position!

Let us vote the only truly proven candidate without a baggage, a man without a history of compromising with corruption: an upright man! 

Let us vote General Muhammadu Buhari for president!

He will truly ensure that the PDP does not resurrect again! 

Stand Up Nigeria! It is your time!


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