Thursday, February 3, 2011


Congratulations! You are one of the first to see this new word!


It means government by window dressing! 

It is what a government does when it is bereft of concrete ideas on how to develop her citizens, and the nation. 

It is usually deployed through expensive, and expansive well-orchestrated grandstanding,coupled with grandiloquent ceremonies, speeches and all! 

It is all a lot hype, hot air, accompanied by noise, with very little by way of substance!

It is the nearest thing to the putrid odour that rises from a refuse heap early in the morning!

Our current president, Jonathan Goodluck, has been flitting from one esoteric, namby-pamby, gobbledegook solution to the other! 

These Frankenstein inspired experiments are meant to address our earthy,old-fashioned, brick and stone, in your face, and in the public domain problems! 

He was credited by his minister for information with bringing Facebook to Nigeria! 

The man sees his time wasting on Facebook, asking sycophants to proffer solutions to Nigeria's problems, as reinventing governance! 

It is!


Sad! It is like the pilot of a plane asking his passengers what he should do in a fierce electrical storm!

It is actually a vote of no confidence in one's abilities!

Not satisfied with his misadventure on Facebook, he lowered the bar further with his "bring back the book" campaign! 

This was another disguised political campaign stunt, dressed as an altruistic concern for the youths.

One should not blame him, he never planned to be president, he had no burning vision of what he would do, if he became president. 

He had nothing concrete by way of a road map, or manifesto! His only manifesto, was to please Olusegun Obasanjo, over, and above the one hundred and fifty million plus, or minus, Nigerians at his mercy.

Like his departed master, Umaru Musa Yar' Adua, he found himself with so much power, without a vision of what he should do with it. 

With all our problems, it had to happen to us!

His army of well paid consultants have decided that he should walk the road Obama walked, without the years of proper prior preparation of the American president! 

Obama laid out his vision of what he would do as a leader, long before he became one!

Goodluck was governor by default, and became  president by default too! 

There is a saying, that if you cannot impress them with brilliance, you should bamboozle them with bullshit! 

The latter has been our lot!

People never fail to ram it down, our now sore throats, that his name Goodluck, was responsible for his ascendancy!

They read some divine ordination to it all!

I beg to disagree! Our failed, corrupt system produced him! 

If the system had not allowed a corrupt Diepriye Solomon Peter Alameyesigha to become governor of Bayelsa state, his impeachment would not have led to Jonathan becoming governor! 

If morally wanting leaders like Obasanjo had not imposed an ailing Yar'Adua on us, over more qualified candidates like Donald Duke, and others, Jonathan would not have profited from the man's death!

Attributing his rise to the presidency,to goodluck, is as ridiculous,and ludicrous, as saying that a thief mugging a woman in a dark alley is as a result of good fortune! 

That is not good fortune, it is evil!

If our dear president wants to encourage reading, he should begin with his family! 

Some members need a lot of practice! 

He recently said he finds time from his busy schedule to help his children with their homework, that is quite touching! 

Is that, in between his reading the ten thousand "Ride on my presido, god is with you " posts on his Facebook wall, and the federal executive council meeting, and attending to the panhandlers that wear away the carpet at the presidential villa? 

If it is true that he actually spends time doing his children's home work with them, it means he is severely underemployed as a president!

If I were the president of this very sick country, the gargantuan infrastructural deficit confronting  us, the corruption: the violence in the states, and the millions of unemployed youths, would be a twenty four seven job! 

I would be so busy, I suspect I would sleep with a position paper in my arms every night, instead of my wife!

That is how severe, and dire, our problems are!

But then again, my name is not Goodluck, and I did not become president by default! 

Some people have all the capacity!

I know some of you are afraid for me just reading what I have written, fear not! They cannot kill an idea, and they cannot kill the soul!

And my soul is truly angry at the abysmal level our greatly "potentialed" country has been been dragged to! We have been imprisoned by people who do not have a right to show their faces among decent folks!

Nigeria has become a nation unable to pass the simplest tests other nations surmount without breaking a sweat! 

We have become reprobate! 

So much, that we defend it, excuse it, and celebrate it, by mouthing the lame platitude "God has a purpose for Nigeria, that is why we have not gone to war, or disintegrated" 

It is true! 

God truly has a deep, and lofty, wide, and focused, purpose for this nation! 

But we have refused to live-up to that purpose!

Someone should tell our president to stop wasting our time with theatrics, and histrionics: we do not have time to play!

Our nation is on fire, we are hungry and naked!

Nations less endowed than ours, have become the the haven our people are escaping to: our children now school in Ghana, our leaders consult Saudi doctors, and the bleached bones of our youths, have become mile markers on the human trafficker's highway across the Sahara!

We have lost too much time already! 

Windowcracy, government by ephemeral and ethereal window dressing, must end now!

Nigeria has no time to play make believe!

Our reality is a nightmare!


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