Friday, February 25, 2011

When Governments Kill Unlawfully, What Do You Do?

It is with regret, that I report to you today, that there are two Nigerians who will never see the sun rise , ever! They will never celebrate a birthday, they will always be nameless; for the womb that nurtured them, has also become their tomb! 

Their potentials will never be realized, as they are entombed in their mother,forever! 

Adeola Olulana, a Nigerian, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and one seeking to give life to her twins, has died! 

If she had died in a car crash, it would not have been so painful! if she had died in her sleep, we would have respected the will of God! 

But none of that happened to her! 

She died by the callous hand of man! 

Unknown faceless, graceless,useless men, masquerading as leaders, have killed her! They have killed her as surely as if they had physically strangled her, or fired a bullet from a gun!

At the best of times, surviving each day has become  a risky venture in Nigeria! Diseases that lesser countries have surmounted still kill us to our shame! 

Pregnant women are safer in war-torn Somalia, than in Nigeria at peacetime! 

Polio has been eradicated from Somalia, and Afghanistan, but we still struggle with it, with our oil wealth and all! Shame!

This innocent woman's crime was to get pregnant! Pregnancy is a thing of joy, but for many Nigerian families, it is a source of regretful sorrow! 

Like every married woman wants to,thirty five year old Adeola Olulana, became pregnant, it was all she had ever wanted, to be a mother!

God added to her joy, by making hers a set of twins! It was all she could think of, she started counting down the days, she mentally planned the naming ceremony in her head, she thought of all the things she would say, and all the things she would do. 

She thought all her dreams, and all her hopes were coming to pass; but she did not count on one thing, the wickedness of the government of the day! 

Men who see participation in government as a favour to the people, not an honour to serve. Men who send their wives and children for treatment abroad, while our hospitals are bereft of the basics!

Oh Adeola, the crown of prosperity! You did not count on this, that those who were supposed to ensure that you had a life, planned your death!

Those who were supposed to care for you, turned that backs on you, in your hour of need!

In the midst of our oil wealth, your death shames us all! It pains, beyond endurance!

It was the wee hours of the morning, she felt a sharp pain, she called out to her husband, and friend, Abiodun, it was time! In confusion, Biodun forgot all he had planned to do, everything else could wait! 

His love, and joy was in pain, but it was a good pain, for joy was going to come in the morning! 

It was too early to go to the bank, so he rushed her to Lagos University Teaching Hospital,LUTH! a federal medical facility! It was a tragic mistake! The hospital was in darkness! There was no soul to be seen!

Where could they be, his beloved Adeola was in trouble, complications were developing by the minute!

Alas! He had forgotten, they were on strike! It is sad because even doctors in the the state government owned hospitals were also on strike! 

So he rushed her to Regina Mundi, a Catholic hospital, they were open, but they would shock him too! 

She required a cesarean operation, they could perform the operation, but he would need to pay! They asked for a deposit of N150,000.00! 

He knew he was in trouble! He was in Mushin, the worst place to be at 4.00 am in Lagos! He promised he would get the money once it was light! Only save my wife, and my children he pleaded! 

They shook their heads, they were not a charity! They told him they had seen too many people like him, people who made promises, but failed to redeem them! 

So they turned their backs on him too! The church of Jesus Christ, the Pillar and Ground of Truth, the Church of the Saviour who said "freely you have received, freely give", turned their backs on a soul in need! 

As I write this, I am shedding tears! I am weeping, and I just do not understand how this could be!

When did life become so cheap in Nigeria? 

So the government turned it's back on Adeola Olulana, the Church of God also turned it's back!

And so, Adeola died! 

She died in the hands of her confused husband! She died with her hopes, and her dreams, unfulfilled!

She died with her children, her beloved twins! She had nurtured them to life, now she would care for them still in death! Safe from the wicked country called Nigeria!

Adeola, you have gone, but we will not forget you!

You have died, but your death will not be in vain!

You stood for the truth, you defended it, you upheld it! 

Today we promise you, Nigeria will change because of you!

No more would pregnant women die because of money!

No more would a Nigerian's life be worth less than a loaf of bread! 

Adeiu ! Adeola!

Adeiu our sister, colleague, and friend!

We will always remember, we will never forget! The government killed you, unlawfully!

May God keep you, and your unborn twins, safe ! May he grant you the peace you have been denied in life!

(These deaths must not be allowed to go like the others, we must respond, and send a strong message to the authorities, please join the "No More,It Ends With Adeola Olulana" Group on Facebook. We must end this climate of carelessness, and scant regard for human life! 

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  1. Personally, am thinking how could Abiodun forget that Medical Personnels at LUTH are on strike? I wouldnt have forgotten. Not in a delicate situation like that! I wont! I am angry! We never should depend too much on the present-day Nigerian Government! Not for now atleast! Not with matters of life and death like this, We know how much the government has disappointed us,and they are still disappointing us, that's what makes me angry! And how come the Catholic Church Clinic turned their back? WHY? That makes me sad.. And wasn't she registered somewhere earlier for ante-natal care? And see, if there's a very pregnant female in any home, there must be some substantial fund kept away in the house, where ever she is, for this kind of emergency! Honestly! That's still the point Nigeria is, for now, till things get better, its still pay-as-you-go! This is Nigeria, the system is "whacked". We shouldnt put our lives in their hands(the government).We know they are so undependable. Unreliable. Its why we need to vote in honest people. Its why Nigerians need to stop selling their votes. Its why Nigerians should stop being political thugs/hooligans..! Its why Nigerians should stop helping them to rig votes and steal ballot boxes and DDC machines! Evil doers cant perpetrate evil on their own without having support. When will Nigerians ever learn? When will we do the right thing and stop being such gullible fools? Selling our rights and our future! Selling our rights to good life! Exchanging all for nothing! I find it traumatic.