Monday, February 28, 2011

Olabode George:Convicted Criminal,Clown!

There is something about shame:it moderates our behaviour! In those days, when we still valued values as a society, shame was something we felt for behaving badly! That was a long time ago! A very long time ago!

Oladode George, a retired naval officer, a former military administrator, and a political bulwark of the ruling People's Democratic Party, the PDP, has become a beacon of shame! Our shame as a nation, and our shame in our ability not to feel any sense of shame!

Convicted validly, in a court of competent jurisdiction, jailed validly, in the most notorious of Nigeria's prisons, Kirikiri, a more circumspect individual, would have left the prison under the cover of darkness, in the wee hour of the morning!

Not so Bode George, he never does things by half! He, in the typical Owambe,(it is there to be flashed in your face!) the profligate pernicious, pompous and extravagantly loud culture, which people who have scant regard for what right thinking individuals think about them, decided to wait!

What was he waiting for? His coterie of praise singer, and hangers-on, people with no moral worth, and only useful for the massaging of another's ego! 

And they did not disappoint him: they came in their aso ebi (uniformed traditional attire), and they sang praises, and danced, and celebrated the release of a criminal! He was not sent to prison for resisting the government while fighting oppression, he was sent to prison for betraying the trust of all of us in Nigeria, while holding public office!

The mockery of common sense, did not end there, they carried it to the house of God, and had a thanksgiving service! They thanked God! For what? I do not know! If it had been at some obscure, nondescript location, it would not have been so galling! They chose to push it in our faces, by broadcasting the travesty on an international network television station! 

How brazen can one get! Was this the action of a man who was showing remorse? Was this the action of people who are intent on walking the path of uprightness? I very much would dispute that!

That was not the end of the matter, the event was a gathering of the creme de la creme of our society, the ruling PDP was well represented! This was their show! It was more like a political rally, a demonstration of strength! 

And who, you may ask, could be bold enough to attend such an event? Well, the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, who had appointed Bode George to the position that led to his travails, was there to lend his support! And, in the ultimate show of shame, the current president of Nigeria, the one who believes that all of life is guided by luck, also sent a goodwill message!

And what message were the participants at this infamy passing across? That they were above the law, and that they did not care what the law currently says about this man, that their opinion was superior to the constitution's!

They were also passing a message across to us, that our opinion counts for nothing! That we can go to hell, if we like! Bode George is their leader, and must be celebrated!

This affront must not be allowed to pass unanswered! 

We must all, as one, give our own verdict! We too do not care a hoot, about the PDP! We will do this, by voting them out of office! From every Ward, and from every Local Government Area of Nigeria, we must give the PDP a red card, as it is done in football! From every state, and definitely at the center, we must reclaim our government from these celebrators of criminals!

We care about who we celebrate, we have a sense of shame, we care what people think about us!

I can tell you the next act, in this melodrama of shame! 

The president would soon exercise his prerogative of mercy, by granting Bode George clemency, or pardon, or whatever they want to call it! 

They will bleach his record, and expunge every record of the fact that he committed a crime!

That is the PDP way, but it is not our way!

Remember, these people have no shame! 


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  1. They threw it much in our faces. They had no moral scruples dong it! It was a celebration. A rally of some sort. Such blatant disrespect to us all. Such audacity! How I pray Nigerians will do the right thing! Vote them out! Get them out. With all the unfair clemency they serve to themselves at our expense!