Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Limit of Madness

I do not question anyone's right to practice his or her faith. I am perfectly comfortable with whatever you want to worship, it is your right; even God will defend your freedom to worship. 

What I quarrel with, is the idea that a public figure like Ahmed Sani Yerima, a former governor, and a current senator, would marry a thirteen year old girl, and the senate would declare that it is his private business.The senate has just missed a great opportunity to show some backbone. 

This fellow has a history of showing disdain for the laws of the land, he was the one who presided over the introduction of Sharia in Zamfara when he was governor. that he is in the senate speaks of the make-up of the institution.

It is a crime in Nigeria to have carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of eighteen. There are even two sections in the Penal Code that prohibit this.

This fellow in the past had married a fifteen year old, and because there was no consequence, he decided to lower the bar this time. I am not an Islam 'basher.' I have many friends who are adherents of that faith, and I respect their rights to practice their faith.

Senator Yerima would want to hide under the canopy religion, but that is beside the point. What he has done is prohibited by the law.The man has just broken the law, and nothing has been done. 
If Yerima were a poor welder living in Alakuko area of Lagos, the police would have arrested him by now, and paraded him on Crime Fighters, a program that violates the rights of accused before they have gone to court. what we are witnessing now is the consequence of no consequence for the actions of the rich and powerful.

As things stand now, we do not live in a law abiding society, we live in a jungle. The man was alleged to have paid One hundred thousand dollars as dowry, this is worrisome.That is not a dowry, that is what you pay to buy a sex slave. The amount is about Fourteen million naira. Could that be the cost of love, or the price of buying a person.

The rich and powerful in Nigeria have consistently shown their disdain for conforming to the law,sometimes they hide under the guise of religion to do so, in this case we must not allow this crime,this sin,  this odious and abominable act, to go unpunished.


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