Monday, April 19, 2010

The Deceit In Self-Deception

I have heard it said ,by more spiritual people, that you cannot deceive God because He is all-knowing, the devil because he invented deceit, and yourself because you know the truth.

When a whole nation seems to be engaging in collective somnambulism (Sleep Walking) It is a sad case of self-deceit. It is classic psychology that if you tell a man something forcefully, and repeatedly enough, he would believe it, even if that thing is rooted in falsehood.

Do we truly have a government? Are we normal people? Do we deserve a better lot in life than we are currently regretting ? 

The latent, and manifest potentials of Nigeria as a nation have been documented over and over again. Why are we now worse-off than we were before independence. In my estimation, we are worse than Zimbabwe! That nation is suffering because it does not have, we are because we have too much.

Half of Europe has been comatose due to a volcano in Iceland, We have been constantly, with seeming determination, retrogressing as a nation with every step taken. The military killed the system, now the civilian undertakers are burying what is left. It has been one violent avalanche, and earthquake, rolled into a tsunami and volcanic eruption of bad leadership.

While we have been spared the natural disasters, the failure of leadership has ensured that we have not missed out on any misery.

Goodluck Jonathan,the Acting President, has not seen his boss, since he left for Saudi Arabia, and also since his purported return to the country. Where else can this happen, Ariel Sharon of Israel had a stroke and his deputy Ehud Olmert was sworn in, the Polish President ,and a host of leading lights in Poland died, and before their burial election dates had been fixed and new ministers appointed.

Is President Yar'Adua dead. I believe he is. We are deceiving ourselves thinking that God would come down from heaven and help us, the Good Book says 'As soon as Zion travailed she brought forth her children, she was born of a man child' We need to travail like the people in Thailand are. I find it revolting that the only things we travail over is the latest car in town, or the biggest and most expensive house with Italian and Spanish interior decor, or the next billion we can add to our bank balance.

To our shame, we have allowed a crime against us to go go unpunished Instead we have rewarded  the criminals with the perks of the highest office in the land.Yar'Adua is dead, and some people are using his name to hoodwink us. 

The story is told of a white slave trader who used to drive his oarsmen ( the people who used long oars to row a ship) to row as fast as was inhumanly possible. Sometimes it became too hot down below, and the fellow would need to come to the deck for fresh air. This fellow was blind in one eye, and as was the custom then, he had a glass eye.
When he was ready to go up he would remove his glass eye and say to it 'Eye, I am going to the deck, look out for anyone who stops rowing while I am away, when I return let me know'  With this , he would leave and go up to the deck: his ship never slowed down, instead it went faster than before.

Right now they are using Yar'Adua's "glass eye" to hold us to ransome, and we are afraid!

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