Friday, April 16, 2010

Democracy: Nigerian Style

It is the hallmark of wisdom when people domicile knowledge and apply it to their situation. In doing this however,they must be careful not to stand logic on it's head.
That is what I see with politics in Nigeria today. 

The three main party leaders in Britain are holding debates to enhance their electoral fortunes. It has become apparent from the first debate that some are succeeding while others have stumbled. A candidate could not be said to have won an election until votes have been cast, and counted. In Nigeria,sadly, it is not so. If you are the candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, you are already ninety percent elected. That is why people spend money, and in extreem cases, kill perceived stronger oponents, to get the nomination.

This party has already informed the acting President that the presidency has been zoned to a northern moslem. Is this democracy at work, or cultism! How can you justify disqualifying a man when the constitution has not done so, particularly when the race in question has not even started.

Is the PDP superior to every institution in Nigeria? Do they know something we do not know ? It looks like the body language of an armed robber who knows that the owner of an item is only  keeping it safe for him to come and steal it at night.

If I were Goodluck Jonathan, I would just appoint Nuhu Ribadu as the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission. Without a corrupt INEC Chairman elections will be reasonably free and fair in Nigeria.

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