Friday, March 19, 2010

Why I Criticize Nigeria

Nigeria has the potential to be one of the greatest nations on earth!With this potential also comes the risk of being the greatest disappointment,in terms of unfulfilled potentials,among nations.

Why do I criticize Nigeria? Do I because I do not like the face of our president,or his ethnic group? Is it because I am a christian and he is a moslem? No! I criticize Nigeria because I do not have any other nation. I criticize her because I can not,deep down in my heart, call any other nation "My Nigeria" I know what Jimmy Cliff meant when he sang "This is Jamaica,My Jamaica" For me this is Nigeria,My only Nigeria!Land of matchless beauty, grace and hope. 

I criticize Nigeria the way I usually those who have the misfortune of driving me. I understand clearly that my fortune is tied to theirs. If they should become reckless, and I keep quiet, we might both end up in the ditch,if we are lucky, if not we could die before our time.

Some people are calling for the partitioning of Nigeria along along dubious divides.No nation ever broke up without acrimony.The more advanced nations of the world that have broken up,did it like a brain surgery.We unfortunately, by our make up do not understand how to not to be sore losers.
Can you imagine the prospect of one hundred and fifty million people fighting themselves. The cataclysmic upheaval of such a doomsday scenerio is unfathomable. It is not even palatabe to imagine it, not to talk of experiencing it.

For those who are joining Muamar Gaddafi to call for our breakup, I say be careful lest you get what you wish only to discover that it is like the camel of the arab, it usually pushes the owner out of the tent.

We are so loved by God that it is uncanny, we have been spared the natural disasters that other nations more,and less, endowed have experienced.Even Cameroun had their own Lake Nyos disaster some years ago. We,on the other hand, are not even prepared to handle a motorcycle accident even at the federal level.

Those who are beating the drums of disintegration have a script they are acting out.They feel they can never rule this nation or dominate it,it is a case of sour grapes.
Nigeria is not the way it should be, but it can get better,  she might not work right now,but she is a work in progress. Let us criticize,I mean, talk to her, until she listens and foregoes her profligate and wayward ways. GOD BLESS NIGERIA FOREVER ! 

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