Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Consequence of No Consequence

Why do I fear? I fear because the continued consequence of no consequence, for the actions of religious and political extreemists, is leading us down a precarious slippery slope.
When people get away with wanton acts of destruction, because they have powerful backers, then we are encouraging anarchy.
For every soul lost in the latest Jos mayhem, there are survivors left to mourn them. 

This becomes a problem when those responsible for these ungodly ,and reprehensible, acts are arrested, and quietly released: the message to the grieving survivors is that it is right to take the law into your own hands. The cycle of violence then never stops.
My other fear is that one day, some aggrieved people may form some kind of vendetta militia, and begin to go round dispensing jungle justice.
We have seen over time that it is when a matter touches the ruling elites that attention is given to it.

What is responsible for our government's inability to solve these now perrenial problems once and for all. Is it that they are slow learners, or they do not really care. Could it be that they are lathergic because the crises never really touch them, or their children? Or should we begin to pray that ministers, governors, and special advisers too should die in these crises too ,once in a while. While one sounds extreemist, but for the sake of the survival of Nigeria as a united,viable ,and vibrant country, If this is what it would take, so let it be O God.GOD BLESS NIGERIA FOREVER!

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